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Simon Sinek - Start with Why

Why You Hate Your Job and What to Do about It

When I first met Tricia, I was instantly drawn to her for her enthusiasm, extreme candor, and take charge attitude. She calls a spade a spade and isn’t afraid to piss people off along the way. She stands for what…...

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Winter Exercise Motivation

Stay Motivated for Winter Exercise

I’m the first to admit that I am not a winter person. The cold is physically painful to me, and the idea of stepping outside to get some exercise is about as unappealing as getting my teeth extracted. I know…...

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Accepting Change When You Don’t Want To

Last week, I received news from three different sources that represented a decent amount of change for me. First, my editor informed me that she was leaving my publisher for a new career in the non-profit sector. Second, my literary…...

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Get What You Want in One Simple Step

Recently, I was in the market for some special card stock for my art business, and I was going back and forth between two products I didn’t love. I kept thinking, “I really wish they had my favorite card-stock available…...

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Prioritizing When Work-Life Balance Doesn’t Exist

This past Monday, I was asked to speak at a SMARTY People event in Boston about prioritizing your goals and maintaining balance. It was an intimate group, which I loved, because it made it more informal and much more of…...

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The One Thing You Can Do for Better Health

Last week I spoke on a panel of women wellness entrepreneurs for an alumni event of my Alma Mater. I was flanked by impressive women, all who have been successes within their own right. The moderator was a retired pediatrician…...

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Happiest Country

The Happiest Countries and What We Can Learn from Them

A couple of weeks ago, I caught an episode of Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s Sunday morning show on which he talked about Denmark being the happiest of countries. The most recent pole by Gallup, has actually revealed that the happiest countries…...

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Resolutions and Change

Why You Should Make Resolutions Right Now and Not at the New Year

Last week, my husband and I celebrated our nine year anniversary. Recently, it seems that we are always going 90 miles an hour and barely have time for a lot of things, including “us” time. Between a 16 month old,…...

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3 Changes Inspired from Lessons We Can Learn from Our Children

It has been about a year and four months since my son was born, and as you might have noticed, it has created a bit of a writing void. For those of you who are parents, I have a new…...

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The One Thing You Need for Success

My friend Jane constantly talks about the successes of friends, family, and of course celebrities. She always puts herself down and tells me she will never be successful enough. It is painful to watch someone you love be so hard…...

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