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Yogalosophy: A Challenging Workout at Home

Yogalosophy - Yoga DVDBeing one part yogi, one part cardio queen, I was intrigued to try Mandy Ingber’s Yogalosophy & was delighted with the DVD. I was fortunate enough to meet Mandy at SELF magazine’s 2010 Workout in the Park in San Diego. Mandy was all that I’d expected, having heard the buzz surrounding this workout, which features an introduction by Jennifer Aniston, Ingber’s close friend and personal yoga instructor. Mandy was warm, funny, kind and generous and she hinted to me that the Yogalosophy DVD even contained her cracking jokes on camera, when I inquired as to just what to expect from this somewhat nontraditional workout!

I always prefer to practice yoga once my muscles are warmed up and raring to go, vs. risking any kind of an injury (or added INflexibility) from tight hamstrings. I prefaced the DVD with a quick 20 min jog/run and then began with Ingber’s “55 Minute Loaded Challenge.”  The workout began with sun salutation and evolved into a wonderful array of typical yoga poses interspersed with toning exercises using one’s own body weight (read: lunges, plie squats, push ups).

The scenery was serene and picturesque…understated simplicity and elegance, with Mandy on her mat with the sky and ocean as an almost watercolor backdrop. How could you help but feel at peace? Now anyone who has tried a number of workout DVDs knows that 55 minutes can be either painstakingly LONG or incredibly fast-moving, depending on the interest of the participant and the enthusiasm, cueing and fluidity of the instructor. Mandy is a wonderful combination of someone with insight into yoga and she asks you to trust your own body, power and strength. She keeps the workout fun and engaging, not just for your muscles (which are most certainly activated) but also for your mind. She encourages you to push slightly past your comfort zone and to aim for your personal best, NOT for some pedestal of perfection.

After completing the DVD, I felt fantastic…the way you should feel after a good workout: renewed, with a sense of accomplishment, ready to greet the day ahead and at peace, in body, mind and spirit.

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