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Workout Review: You Are Your Own Gym

Maintaining workout routines as a business traveler often means squeezing in something when you are short on time. As a result, I recommend that you prioritize strength training for your exercise. Strength training, by far, is the best way to get into shape, boost your metabolism, and build and maintain lean muscle tissue. As a business traveler, this will come in handy in order to maintain your weight (if not lose), so that you don’t gain unwanted travel weight on the road. Believe it or not, you can do some fantastic workout routines without any equipment at all. And, to do so, I highly recommend you purchase Mark Lauren and Joshua Clark’s new book You Are Your Own Gym: The Bible of Bodyweight Exercises for Men and Women.

What I love about the workout routines in You Are Your Own Gym, is that you can do the strength training exercises anywhere, without any equipment. And when you are on the road, that can come in handy. Here is a little more about the book:

The Program: The book is a ten week program that requires you exercise for 30 minutes, 4 days a week. The strength training exercises only require your body. Although there are some exercises that you can modify with the use of a chair or flat surface, you don’t need any equipment, dumbells, barbells, etc. for any of the workout routines.  The exercises include a little of all of the following: military strength training exercises, yoga, plyometrics and more.

The Benefits:

  1. Simplicity: Since the workout routines only require that you use your body, they are relatively simple. The exercises incorporate normal, natural movements to get the benefits of strength training without the need of weights or resistance equipment. Finally, it is so effective, that you can do the workout routines in a half an hour. It’s hard to make excuses with such a short time requirement!
  2. Overcomes the Worst of Hotel Gyms: Because your body “is your own gym,” the workout routines require no fancy equipment and very little space. As a result, the exercises can be done in even the tiniest of gyms or even worse, in your hotel room.
  3. Safe Strength Training: All of the exercises incorporate movements that are natural for the body. Further, since you use your own body weight, you avoid lifting too much weight as you might with weights. As a result, you are less likely to injure yourself during any of the workout routines. Finally, strength training helps build and strengthen your muscles and tendons so that you can prevent injuries during other activities.
  4. More Effective: The program has a lot of variety which will continue to keep your body challenged. Additionally, the movements outlined in the book engage more muscles than with traditional weight lifting, so the program is more effective than others.
  5. Tried and True: Mark Lauren, one of the authors, is a certified Military Physical Training Specialist and Special Operations Combat Controller and has a track record of preparing almost a thousand trainees for the most elite levels of the Special Operations community. These individuals have to train and exercise in some of the most restrictive of circumstances and use Mark Lauren’s techniques to stay in the best shape possible. If the military trusts the workout routines, you can be sure that you can too.

Next time you pack for your business trip, consider taking along a copy of Be Your Own Gym. And for those business travelers who don’t want to lug a book on the trip, then you can purchase the Kindle Version.

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