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Why You Should Make Resolutions Right Now and Not at the New Year

Resolutions and ChangeLast week, my husband and I celebrated our nine year anniversary. Recently, it seems that we are always going 90 miles an hour and barely have time for a lot of things, including “us” time. Between a 16 month old, two busy and demanding careers, a hopeful move to a new home (and maybe new state), there’s a LOT that we are contending with. Needless to say, our marriage has been put on the back-burner, more than we care to admit. And as anyone in a marriage knows, keeping a marriage healthy and happy takes constant work.

In light of this, our anniversary inspired me to pose an idea: “How about creating anniversary resolutions this year?” My husband, who supports and respects my enthusiasm for self-improvement and change, was on board. And so, we set three resolutions in motion for the upcoming year.

Full disclosure: I’m a die hard resolution maker. When the New Year rolls around, I love reflecting on the past year and assessing what I’d like to change for the better in the upcoming year. However, resolutions don’t have to be saved for the New Year. As a matter of fact, making resolutions only at the New Year is like saving romance solely for Valentine’s Day: too much anticipation and pressure, can often only lead to disappointment. Not convinced? Here’s a few reasons to look for opportunities throughout the year for renewal and change:

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  1. Increased and Consistent Self-Awareness: When you find reasons throughout the year to do a “check-in” with yourself, you become more aware of your feelings and thoughts, giving you a heightened level of self-awareness. This self-awareness is instrumental to finding true happiness. The more you understand yourself, the greater your ability to know what you want out of life. When you know that, you are more likely to make change that lasts because your goals are clearer and hold greater purpose.
  2. Less Pressure for Big and More Room for Small: Many New Year’s resolution makers tend to fall short of making the changes they want. This is because they put so much pressure on themselves, all at once, that they tend to over do it, and burn out. Assessing how things are going on a more regular basis, however, gives you an ability to look at pieces of your life in smaller chunks and can maintain the “small changes” mentality on an ongoing basis.
  3. It Promotes Holistic Change: When we are on the lookout for opportunities to make change more regularly, it helps us look at our life more holistically. In my case, my anniversary helped me to stop and assess where there might be an opportunity to increase happiness in my marriage. Maybe a work anniversary might make you reassess your happiness in your career. Or, maybe a birthday might help you to look at personal goals and what you might do to increase your level of fulfillment in various aspects of your life.
  4. Continual Motivation: When you can seize numerous opportunities throughout the year to initiate change, you are less likely to feel forced to make it. Instead, you’ll feel inspired more naturally, and when the opportunities present themselves.

Whenever you feel inspired to set a resolution, do so. Don’t save it for the New Year. If you need a few ideas, consider the following:

  • Work anniversaries
  • Marital anniversaries
  • Birthdays
  • Change in Seasons
  • New school years
  • Holidays
  • Reunions

Now, it’s your turn.

Have you made a resolution at a different time of year than at the New Year? How did it go for you? Was it a better or worse experience than making change at the New Year?

Share in the comments below, and be specific, as we can all learn and grow from one another.

Thanks so much for reading and I look forward to hearing from you!

With much love and appreciation,


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