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When Life Gets Tough…The Tough Start Shovelin’!

Not long ago, I was fortunate to have Debbie Robins as a guest on The Healthy Living Show.  Not only is Debbie a fantastic story and fascinating woman…with a career history that most could only dream of…but she is witty, candid and inspiring.

So when I sat down to read her new book: Shovel It: Kick-Ass Advice to Turn Life’s Crap into the Peace and Happiness You Deserve, I had no doubt I’d be entertained.  As you might expect from reading the title of her book, Debbie gets right to the point.  And, when you don’t want to read through a lot of crap (pardon the pun) or fluff to get to the point, it is greatly appreciated.

Shovel It! is refreshingly honest and fun to read. Throughout the book, Debbie Robins harnesses life lessons from those we know from the media, film and entertainment industry.  Deepak Chopra, Sandra Bernhard, Julia Ormond, Rosanna Arquette and others share how to retrieve one’s balance, peace, and happiness when the “crap” hits the fan.   Debbie entertains us with seven “Crap-Shoveling” techniques to help us gain more control over our lives and turn life’s challenges into the peace and happiness each of us deserves.

My favorite technique she offers responds to the never-ending affirmation quest. The chapter entitled “One More Affirmation and I’ll Kill Myself” starts off with Debbie’s humorous look at her three favorites:   “I am one with the universe,” “I am seeing the perfection in all things,” and “I am open to receive the abundance.” She then offers up a technique to create REAL positivity in one’s life without repetitive and mindless chanting of affirmation after affirmation.  Instead, her wisdom is something we can really use…something that really works and can drive positive change.

If you are looking for some no-nonsense advice that will keep you laughing along the way, this is the book for you.  Each technique makes practical sense, is legitimately helpful and is short and sweet.  When you are looking for a little wake-up call, Shovel It! does the job.

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