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What to Do with Alone Time

Not long ago, I wrote about how important ‘alone time‘ is in life and all the benefits it provides.  Most of us agree, that for those of us who really enjoy our alone time, we often don’t get enough.  And when we do get it,  we are often left not knowing what to do with solo time.

Every person, obviously, has different interests.  But, regardless of what you personally like to do, here are some good ways to spend time with yourself:

  1. Go for a Walk: This isn’t necessarily a workout type of walk.  Walking alone, even at a leisurely pace, helps you clear your mind, clear your thoughts and think through problems, issues or concerns you may be facing.
  2. Go to the Beach/Park/Lake: Being in nature, gives you a multi-sensory way to decompress and relax.  You smell the beautiful, fresh air.  You are visually inspired by the natural beauty with which you surround yourself.  And, you become hypnotized by sounds of the ocean waves crashing, seagulls squawking or a distant waterfall.
  3. Read a Book: Reading provides you with a way to get away from your hectic life and learn something new, fall in love or laugh.  It is like a vacation away from life.
  4. Take a Class: Taking classes on something you want to learn, whether it be cooking, a new language, dancing or rock-climbing, is highly rewarding.  First, it expands your horizons and gives you knowledge about interesting things.  Second, it allows you to discover new things about yourself.
  5. Take a Drive: Taking a drive allows you to explore new places, discover new things and meet new people.  You can listen to your favorite tunes, and stop along the journey whenever you are inspired to do so.

Obviously, there are a lot of other things you can do.  The point is, do whatever you enjoy and have fun.  What do you like to do when you get in your alone time?

Do You Spend Enough Time Alone?

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