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What is Your Excuse for Eating Bad Food?

Every Friday we have ‘Pod Breakfast’ in our office.  Basically, this means that one person brings in breakfast for everyone else in the ‘Pod.’  More often than not, Friday Pod breakfast consists of doughnuts, muffins, scones and bagels.  Once in awhile, you’ll see some yogurt and fruit as an option.  But this tends to be the rarity.  Health food just doesn’t seem to appeal to the masses on a Friday.

Most Fridays I avoid the plethora of carbohydrates and fat because I’m off site.  Once in awhile, however, I’ll have to go into the office and when confronted with the decision ‘to have or not to have,’ I will occasionally indulge in a 1/4 or 1/2 of a muffin or a doughnut.

Indulging is healthy once in awhile.  You don’t have to make excuses for it.  Allowing yourself to enjoy dessert or a treat once a week or so, keeps you from feeling deprived or as if you are sacrificing things you love to be healthy.  It is only when we indulge all the time that it becomes a problem.  Some of us even make excuses to allow ourselves to indulge way more often than we should.  Some of those that I hear often:

  1. Only this Once: More often than not, ‘only this once’ doesn’t remain ‘only this once.’  Pick a day of the week where you allow yourself to indulge.  You’ll look forward to your indulgence and won’t feel deprived the next time you pass on your favorite cookie.
  2. I’ll Work it Off: Occasional indulgences shouldn’t need to be worked off.  If you think that every time you indulge you have to pay pennants, you either are overindulging or you are obsessive compulsive about your diet.
  3. I Lost Weight: There is a reason you lost weight.  Most likely, you were eating right and possibly exercising consistently for a duration of time.  If every time you step on the scale and lose 1/2 a pound you think that it is time to indulge, you might find yourself in a yo-yo diet situation.
  4. I’ve Been Good All Week: ‘All week’ can mean different things to different people.  If you are really good about what you eat Sunday through Friday, and indulge Friday and Saturday night…within reason, you are for the most part ‘good all week’.  If, however, your ‘good all week’ really means you eat well Monday night through Thursday morning, think again. That is only three days of the week!
  5. I’ll Only Have a Bite: In all sincerity, have you been able to ‘only have a bite’ each time you have indulged?  Probably not.  When you have a piece of cake, you should be able to have a serving size of cake.  Just don’t do it every day.  There is no reason to have unrealistic portion control if you indulge only once in awhile.

What, if any, is your biggest excuse for allowing yourself to eat bad food?


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