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What is Balanced Living?

Often, we compartmentalize components of healthy living (nutrition, fitness, your mind and your environment). We may eat right and exercise, but don’t pay much mind to stress. We may meditate and exercise, but pay half-hearted attention to our diet. The reality is that each component is crucial to creating and maintaining balance and if you focus on one component, but neglect another, you inevitably lack balance.

Diane, for example, is a poster child when it comes to eating right…she is passionate about good nutrition, knows everything here is to know about maintaining a healthy diet and she is the go-to person for friends and family for insights about making ealthy choices. On the other hand, she is a new mom, works full-time and has very little time for herself, resulting in a lot of stress with very little time to manage it. She continually develops tension headaches, has a weak immune system and complains about feeling sluggish or too tired. What is wrong with this picture? How can someone who eats right and is so ‘healthy’ be feeling so bad? The fact of the matter is, that although she has successfully addressed one component of healthy living, she is neglecting others, creating a lack of balance.

Essentially, each factor – nutrition, fitness, your mental health and your environment – plays an important role in laying the foundation for balance. It is the intersection of all of these components that creates balance and overall health.

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