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Wellness Assessment

In help our readers live a happy, balanced and healthy lifestyle, I’ve developed a proprietary wellness assessment to evaluate four areas of wellness: nutrition, fitness, mental and environmental. These areas of wellness are used to assess where your life is out of balance. Once you complete the free wellness assessment, you’ll receive an overview of those areas in which you are doing well and those that could use improvement.

A Balancing Act: Case Study

Diane is a poster child when it comes to eating right. She’s passionate about good nutrition and is well-informed about maintaining a healthy diet. She’s known as the go-to person among friends and family when it comes to making nutritious choices. Yet, she is a new mom, works full-time and has very little time for herself.  This results in a lot of stress with little time to manage it. As a result, she develops tension headaches and migraines and is often relegated to a dark bedroom to alleviate the pain; her immune system has weakened causing her to frequently get colds and sinus infections.  And, she feels sluggish or too tired to engage in any kind of activity.

How can someone who appears to be dedicated to a “healthy lifestyle” feel so terrible?  Well, although Diane has successfully addressed one component of healthy living, she has managed to  neglect others causing her to be “out of balance.”

Get Started!

Are you living a happy, balanced and healthy lifestyle? Take the complimentary Sheer Balance Wellness Assessment now to see how you’re doing. You’ll be glad you did.

To eliminate spammers, I’ve employed the following process to access the assessment:

Here’s how to take the Assessment**:

  1. From your computer (not your tablet or Kindle), go to the “52 Small Changes” link on the Sheer Balance Facebook Page
  2. Click “like” if you are not already a fan
  3. Click on the Assessment Link


If you have problems or don’t use Facebook, email me at bblumenthal [at]

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