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Water for Sale

Call me crazy, but to me, water is just that..water.  And for that matter, it has always been water.  It is a resource.  It is a pure, natural element.  Yet, consumer product companies are doing an incredible job taking huge liberties with ‘water’ by adding several ingredients to it and selling it back to the consumer as none other than…water.

In my mind, once you start adding multiple ingredients to water, it just isn’t water anymore.  It is a ‘drink’.  Yet, a lot of people drink products like ‘Vitamin Water’, ‘Life Water’ and ‘Propel Water’, believing that they are a form of good ol’ fashioned water.  Although you could argue that they have some nutritional benefits, such as added vitamins, they also have ingredients that make them less than nutritious and full of empty calories.

Let’s put aside the ethics of consumer product companies misleading consumers by disguising something and selling it as something else.  Instead, let’s look at the situation from a more analytical perspective:

  1. Calories The nutritional value of these so-called waters looks nothing like that of actual water.  Water has no calories, no vitamins and is purely a hydrating agent.  So the fact that many of these ‘waters’ can have up to 60 calories per serving, quite simply defies the idea that they are water.  If they have calories…they are not water.
  2. Vitamins and Minerals: Water in its most natural form contains trace amounts of minerals, but no vitamins.  ‘Vitamin Water’, as well as other drinks on the market, contains some vitamins.  You could argue that this is good, but if you are relying on these ‘waters’ to get your recommended daily allowance of vitamins, think again.  You aren’t going to get much more than a superficial boost of one or two vitamins.
  3. Biology: Our bodies are made up of approximately 65% water.  Last time I checked, however, the 65% of our bodies that is made up of water doesn’t include pure cane sugar, fructose or crystalline fructose, vegetable juice for color, modified food starch, sugar, gum arabic or sucrose syrup.  These are additives.

Although it is significantly apparent that these ‘waters’ are not water, people are guzzling these drinks down with the idea that they are doing something good for themselves.  The reality is, these drinks are filled with sugars (even if they are natural), and if you aren’t careful, can pack on extra weight over time.  If you are an extreme athlete who trains heavily, you probably lose ‘electrolytes’ and burn ridiculous amounts of calories.  In that case, these drinks can be helfpul in replenishing nutrients back into your system.  If you are a person, however, who exercises within moderate levels, drinking these ‘water’ drinks regularly over time, might not be the best for your waistline.

Call me old fashioned, but if you are interested in getting your daily required dose of vitamins, I’m pretty sure that having  a glass of water and a multi-vitamin will do you better in the long run than indulging in these ‘Waters’ for your nutrition.  If you don’t like the taste of water, try drinking your water with a splash of lemon or lime juice.  You could also mix 100% juice with water for a lower-calorie, naturally nutritious alternative (try .25 parts juice ot 1 part water).

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