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Tropical Fruit Delight

This is a super easy recipe.  It is also very versatile, and really delicious. Keep in mind, there seem to be a lot of steps but most of them require the ingredients to sit and cool. Tropical Fruit Delight can be eaten with yogurt, ice cream, stirred into cereal, spread like jam, or frozen to yield delicious tropical popsicle.


  • 1 – 16oz bag of frozen peaches (no sugar added)
  • 1 cup Water
  • 1 – 16oz bottle of Goya “100% Natural Passion Fruit Tropical Fruit Beverage”*
  • 1 – 3oz box of Jell-O brand Island Pineapple**


Microwave the frozen peaches for 2 minutes. Place peaches into medium sized saucepan (4 quart) along with 1c. water. On high heat, boil peaches for 5 minutes. Turn off burner and leave pot to sit for 5 minutes.

Once slightly cooled, place 1/2 of the peach mixture (this does not have to be exact, just use your judgment) into a blender on high until smooth. Return blended peaches into the pot and stir. Next, spoon out any remaining large peach pieces into the blender and pulse until chunky, return to pot and stir. Add the 16oz. bottle of passion fruit to the peach mixture and bring to a boil.

Once mixture reaches a boil, turn off heat and stir the package of Jell-O into the peach/passion fruit mixture. Once all ingredients are together, let mixture sit in the pot for 2 minutes to allow the gelatin to bloom. Pour mixture into an 8×8 glass-baking dish to rest for an additional 20 minutes on the counter. Cover with clear-wrap and refrigerate overnight.***

*This juice contains citric acid. Citric acid stops the gelatin from fully setting, which, in this instance, is exactly what we want. If you cannot find Passion Fruit juice, you can replace this ingredient with a mango or guava juice, as it keeps with the tropical theme and both fresh or juiced mango and guava naturally contain citric acid. When looking for a fruit juice to use with this recipe, I immediately turned to passion fruit. Passion fruit is delicious but a very under utilized fruit in American cuisine/desserts. Any tropical fruit will taste nice but I recommend trying the passion fruit. If you cannot find passion fruit juice, please make sure the fruit juice you use does not contain corn syrup. Corn syrup will dramatically change the taste, consistency, and nutritional values of this recipe.
**I use gelatin in lieu of adding sugar and pectin, which is what I would normally use if making a jelly or preserve. I wanted to have a product without all of the calories, but with a similar consistency.
***This recipe makes delicious popsicles. If you do not have a popsicle mold, use an ice tray and insert 2 skewers (cut down to 5” in length) into each cube after 2 hours (the recipe will have needed to set up a bit before the skewers can be inserted.) Frozen, the Tropical Fruit Delight will last 1 month (once the pops are fully frozen, place into a plastic bag to avoid freezer burn) and 3 weeks when refrigerated in an airtight container.
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