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Top 5: Perils of Exercising Outdoors

Every weekend, I take my workout outdoors and run along the Charles River.  For those of you who are not familiar, there are paths on both sides of the river, that literally extend for miles.  It makes for a great summer jog, walk, bike ride or rollerblade.  The river is beautiful and there are tons of people enjoying the summer weather, making it a lively place to be.  When I lived in NYC, I used to enjoy Central Park for my same outdoor workout.  Again, lots of people and lots of action.

Over the last several years, both in Boston and NY, it has come to my attention through a few close calls, that enjoying these recreational activities outdoors can require some tricky navigation.  Here are the top five worst obstacles you may have to contend with:

  1. Who let the Dogs out? Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE animals…especially dogs…but when you are running 4 miles, the last thing you need is Fido barking and snipping at your heels.
  2. Look Both Ways Before you Cross:  If you are on the run, so to speak, there is a chance that someone who doesn’t see so well or hear so well will cross your path (unknowingly) causing a near collision.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been rollerblading at a good 15 mph and find myself grabbing onto a nearby tree, fence or in the worst situation, person, to avoid hitting someone who didn’t see me coming.  Ouch!
  3. Happy, Shiny Children:  Ahh, happy little children pitter pattering through the park.  Sounds like a picture perfect postcard until they come aimlessly running in front of you while you are on the move, causing you to practically run them over.
  4. Caution, Wide Load: This occurs when an extended family of five or more individuals takes a lovely stroll through the park…in a straight line formation…taking up the whole entire pathway so that no one can possibly get around them.
  5. Pick a Lane:  And finally, this has got to be the worst obstacle.  When slow going traffic takes their ‘lane’ right down the middle of the pathway, making it difficult for anyone going faster to pass.

Have you had any recent outdoor fitness obstacles that you’d like to share?  Any of these sound familiar?

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