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Top 10: Reasons to Love Working from Home

Growing up, I was lucky in that my parents owned their own business and worked out of our home.  I always imagined myself doing the same.  Sure, there were challenges, but all in all, it was a situation that proved to be very rewarding for them, and for me as well.

For the better part of my career, my ability to work from home would only come once in awhile when I would finagle a reason to do so.  I was lucky enough to have a work laptop, which made it easier for me than for most.  But, I never really got the full-throttle ‘work from home’ experience until recently.  And I’ll tell you, now that I have, working from home is underrated…pure and simple.  I’ve fallen in love with it and I hope that I can find a way to keep this gig going.

Here are my favorite things about working from home:

  1. No more 9 to 5: I’m not restricted to the conventional work day.  I get to set my own schedule.  More often than not, I tend to work normal hours, but if I feel like working half a day, then working out and then working a few more hours, I can.  Further, I get to schedule the beginning of my day when I want instead of when the ‘man’ wants me to.
  2. Less Chores on the Weekend: When I used to come home after work, straightening up the house or doing the dishes were the last things I felt like doing.  As a result, the weekend became ‘clean up time’ and ‘chore and errand time’.  Now, I’m able to stay more on top of things throughout the week, which makes cleaning less daunting and I can run an occasional errand or do a chore during  weekdays, leaving the weekend for more play time.
  3. Higher Productivity: There are times that you can be distracted, but having the ability to work when you are most inspired, and take a break when you most need it, maximizes your productivity when it feels right for you, instead of when you are expected to.
  4. Eat Better for Less: I make my own lunch and dinner right at home, which means I’m eating healthier and spending a lot less money.
  5. I Don’t Work for the Weekend: Working for a company made the week drag on.  Working for myself and at home feels like the week and weekend blend together.  I don’t dread Mondays, I don’t hate Sundays and I don’t work for the weekends.
  6. Increased Concentration Levels: I can easily get distracted.  Working in an office environment made it difficult at times to focus and do my work without interruptions.  Now, my level of concentration is deeper and more focused.
  7. Greater Privacy: Any time I had to make a personal phone call at work, I had to go into a special room or leave the building to do so.  Now, I can make business calls AND personal calls from the same space.  Further, I don’t have any office mates who are inconsiderate with loud decibel levels.
  8. No Attitude or Political Drama: Although I could say that I miss some of the human interaction I had when I worked in an office, I definitely do NOT miss those individuals who were patronizing, disrespectful or bullying; or possessed any other endearing qualities. Further, I’m happy to be far away from the political bull__it that is bred in many office environments.
  9. No Commute: Working from home allows me to start my day without the extra headache of traffic, jammed subways or exposure to the cold elements.
  10. Low Maintenance Wardrobe: I admit, I’ve worked a whole day in my workout clothes or my pajamas.  Not that this happens every day, but it sure is nice not to have to look all put together every day of the week.  Further, not working in an office allows you to spend less money on expensive work clothes.

Do you work from home?  What do you love about it?

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