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Top 10 Healthy Hotel Trends

Salt Water PoolRecently, Globe and Mail – a Canadian publication, published a list of the Top 10 Healthy Trends of Hotels. If you’ve stayed at a Westin recently, you may have noticed their “running buddy” program and their 3- and 5- mile running course cards in the lobby. Yet, Westin isn’t the only brand getting on the healthy band-wagon: The hospitality industry continues to make improvements in healthy offerings for frequent travelers.

Although many properties have a long way to go in making travel a healthy experience, it is good to know that the industry is making it a priority. Here are Globe and Mail’s top 10 healthy hotel trends that we can look forward to in the New Year:

  1. Rockstar Hours, Star Trainers: Hotels are now offering 24 hour fitness options and “always-on-cal” private training sessions.
  2. Branded Spas: Spas, such a Americspa, ESPA and Exhale are expanding into the hospitality market and setting up shop in various properties, including Fairmont Battery Wharf in Boston and Kimpton’s Epic Hotel in Miami.
  3. Healing Focus: Hotels are also looking at providing healing and wellness programs that go beyond the traditional pampering. Services include acupuncture and hypno-therapy.
  4. Medicinal Meals: Organic food is one thing, but hotels are becoming more attuned to travelers with health issues. They are customizing menus to address digestive problems, diabetes, cardiac disease and hypertension.
  5. Faster Fitness and “Spa Tapas”: Business travelers don’t have much time, and so, hotels are creating express spa and fitness offerings to help business travelers maximize their down-time.
  6. Hypoallergenic Rooms: Hotels are creating “hypoallergenic” rooms for those with especially sensitive systems. Plus, tracks those properties that are smoke-free.
  7. Saltwater Swimming: Hotels are going chlorine-free and implementing saltwater pools which are not only therapeutic, but much less harsh on skin and hair.
  8. Bicycles: In lieu of loaning cars to guests, hotels are offering bicycles as a way to get around town.
  9. Tech-Assisted Sweat: Workouts are getting high-tech with fully-loaded media options on cardio equipment, including personal TVs and iPod Docks. Further, hotels are providing new high-tech equipment, such as the Power Plate at Sheraton, which gives guests the option of a sweat-free workout.
  10. Full Service: Whether you’ve forgotten your sneakers or are in desperate need of a gym-clothes wash, hotels are providing services to guests to make their workouts stress-free. Further, some properties are providing “private workout rooms” to allow guests to exercise in private.

What healthy travel services have you seen hotels offering? Any that you’d like to share?

Source: Globe and Mail

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