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There is NO Quick-Fix Solution!

Usually when I go to the gym, I stay in my own world during my workout.  I tend to tune out those around me and focus on what I’m trying to accomplish.  Today, however, the gym was relatively empty, except for a woman and her personal trainer.  It was particularly difficult to tune them out, as the woman was quite loud and distracting.  As a result, I heard a good portion of the dialogue that ensued.

The woman was very out of shape and obviously desperate for some change.  Never mind the fact that she spent more time talking than actually doing any exercise, it was apparent that this woman was seriously looking for a quick fix.  She kept asking her trainer about all of these injections, pills and procedures that would either make her look 15 years younger or that would melt off her fat.  Further, she continually referred to celebrities and what they have been doing to stay young and thin.

The most crazy part, was that her trainer didn’t say a word.  He let her gab on and on, asking questions that she would answer herself.  I don’t know if he really had any choice in the matter.  I don’t think he could have gotten in a word edge-wise.  But nonetheless, his lack of response only encouraged her to talk more and more about these quick fixes, and in a way that showed she was increasingly more convinced that these were positive, viable options.

Personally, I get really frustrated when I hear about people looking for quick fix solutions to long-term problems around health, aging and wellness.  Clear and simple, there ISN’T A QUICK FIX.  And if something is advertised as a quick fix, there most likely are side-effects and/or repercussions for using them.  Here are some simple reasons why quick fixes don’t and can’t work:

  1. Time Works Both Ways: If you gain 50 pounds and become out of shape, there is a good chance that it didn’t happen over night.  It took time.  How could you possibly undo 50 pounds of weight gain and lack of physical fitness in the time it takes a pill, or for that matter, in one surgical procedure?  You need time to make a change like that.  Even with the surgery, it isn’t instantaneous.
  2. Everything Comes with a Price: Even if you were to go and have a ‘procedure’ done, let’s say a Gastric Bypass or Restrictive procedure, you won’t see all of the weight loss immediately.  Moreover, you will have to make serious health changes to make sure the procedure works and that you don’t put yourself at risk.  This takes time and a lot of effort.
  3. It is Mental: Creating change in your life requires mental participation.  It isn’t just about your  physical side.  Long term changes to diet; and exercising when you haven’t for a long time requires an individual’s full commitment.  And, this means that your mindset has to be adjusted as well.
  4. They Don’t Last: If you try something that is a quick fix solution (let’s say taking a weight loss pill) and you don’t make life-long changes, you will ALWAYS need to be on those pills.  Further, most of those pills have major health risks that can affect your heart and other organs.  From a surgical perspective, if you have liposuction, or any other weight reduction surgery, you need to once again, make long-term changes to actually KEEP the weight off.  Having the surgery doesn’t mean that you can just go back to your normal routine of chowing down junk food whenever you feel like.

Have you ever been tempted by a quick fix solution?  What did you do?  Was it really a quick fix?

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