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The Tipping Point

Did you ever wish that you had an internal alarm to tell you to ‘slow down’…or to ‘stop eating doritos’…or to ‘get back to the gym’…or to even ‘take a vacation’…before it is too late?  I got mine this morning.  I think I’ve continued to celebrate my birthday now for about three weeks…and well, I woke up this morning feeling as though I was a stuffed up whale.  Don’t worry, I know I’m not a whale, but I felt like a whale…and that was enough.

The reality is, at some point, we all get off track.  It is normal.  We have a birthday, a celebration of some sort, or are under tremendous stress and we just let things go.  Either there isn’t enough time in the day, or we just want to be bad for awhile.  It’s human.  Granted, there are various levels of this…we might not eat well, we might stop exercising, we might even ‘forget’ to brush our teeth…I don’t know…for some reason, we just need to do this.  So, what to do?

Falling off the wagon or having a short period of cheating isn’t the problem, it is when that period doesn’t end that we get into trouble.  The best way to keep these weak moments under control is to be cognizant of your individual ‘tipping point’…when enough is enough…where if you go past it, it will be much harder to reverse the damage then to stop the damage.  Unfortunately, if we look around us, there is a good chance that many of the people we see aren’t aware of this point…and as a result, they get into trouble.  For me, I know that after three weeks of being bad, my body starts to react.  Four or five years ago, I had a little bit more leeway.  And today, it might take me a couple of weeks to get back to normal, while four or five years ago, I could rebound in a few days.

As we get older, our bodies can’t rebound from these spurts as easily.  So it becomes more important to be in tune with our mind, our body and our soul, to know when we aren’t honoring them, respecting them and treating them as they deserve to be treated.  Moreover, we need to understand what is ‘healthy’ or ‘normal’ for ourselves, and when we are wandering away from those personal benchmarks.  Understanding our individual ‘tipping point’ will allow us to be a little bad, without losing total control and reaching a point that is past ‘easy’ return.

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