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The Evolution of Beauty

Although I might not be the biggest proponent of most Dove Beauty products, I am a huge proponent of Dove’s ad campaigns.  This one, in particular, is a wonderful demonstration of how the beauty industry can take an already beautiful woman, find her imperfections, and erase them, all for the sake of selling a product.  If you thought photographs were simply air-brushed, you’ll be amazed to learn how much manipulation can really happen.

Today, women (and men too), constantly battle with the media’s output of retouched, highly manipulated photographs, and struggle with what ‘real beauty’ really is.  In a world where botox, plastic surgery, and fillers are the norm, fake beauty seems to be what people want.  Personally, I don’t get it and applaud Dove’s attempt to battle the fake beauty movement.

What do you think about the video?  What do you think about fake beauty?


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