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Take the Holiday Pledge to Stress Less and Enjoy More

meQ Holiday PledgeThe holidays are meant to be filled with joy, but often, we find they are filled with stress. We panic, rush, worry–and it’s in THIS heightened, stressed-out state that we’re supposed to enjoy the holidays? No wonder this time of year puts you through the ringer.
So this year, stop before it all goes haywire and decide to take BACK your holidays–as a time of joy, giving, time with friends and family, a time of sharing–and even rejuvenation and fun. To do so, however, you have to decide to do it. You have to make an intention.

I’m excited to share a new concept offered by an amazing company –meQuilibrium. They are offering their Holiday Pledge to help individuals make a simple statement of intention to experience the holidays in a new way. By taking the pledge, you make yourself and the others around you a promise that you will enjoy more, give more, savor more–and create the conditions for the most joyful season yet.

Take the Pledge: Manage holiday stress now, not later. Take the first-ever meQ Holiday Pledge to live better, calmer, more intentionally this holiday, rather than trying to get by in reaction mode, which never works.

Benefits: For taking the pledge, you will receive 6 weeks unlimited access for FREE to meQuilibrium including a special introductory 45-day boot camp (including a free stress assessment and personalized action plan).

Let meQ help you dial down the negative effects of stress with their simple, effective online program. You’ll become more resilient to everyday pressures – so you can focus more on the things you love in life and maximize your enjoyment of the holidays!

Will you be taking the pledge?

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