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Almost every hotel breakfast, club-floor or otherwise, offers yogurt as a “healthy choice.”  Besides the fact that it is a great source of calcium, iodine and phosphorous, among other vitamins and minerals, it also contains live active bacterial cultures which may help…...

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If you are a fan of Asian fare, try this one on for size. A great stir fry tandoori chicken recipe that is reminiscent of Southeast Asia, this chicken dish is full of flavor, with ginger, cumin and garlic....

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If you are searching for a healthy breakfast or snack, you may very well grab a yogurt.  Yogurt has gotten a really great reputation for being healthy, even substituting ice cream as a ‘healthier’ option.  Besides the fact that yogurt is…...

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This parfait is much healthier than those that you buy at Starbucks! High in fiber and protein, not only will it be tasty, but it will keep you filled up!...

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