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Let’s assume we’re talking about a Pilates mat class and not a session involving all of the equipment. People are generally more familiar with the class environment because it is more common and much cheaper than having a one-on-one session.…...

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Joints are the guys that fuse all of our bodies’ basic parts together. They give us shape and form and upright stature. They are part of the foundation of our very structure. They are the “glue” between our 206 bones.…...

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I’m 5′ 2″ and 125 pounds with a ‘mesomorph’ body type (think Yellow Labrador Retriever versus Greyhound).  I’m happy with this…I love being strong and muscular.  That said, I’ve always thought of myself as being muscular in a ‘thick’ way. About a week…...

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by Tara Gibson I say to any new client, “It will probably take at least five lessons before you even get a sense of the exercises.” Pilates is a very different experience from other types of exercise. At the beginning,…...

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