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Passion is the Antidote to the Uninspired

A couple of weeks ago, my mom (also a writer) urged me to write more for Sheer Balance. She had every reason to do so: my writing has taken a bit of a backseat since building up my art business,…...

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Self-confidence is one of the most important, yet most difficult attributes to cultivate for a healthy self-esteem.  Whether we are burdened with painful childhood memories, unhealthy relationships where we were emotionally beat down or insecurities as a result of societal…...

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by Lauren Mackler During a recent trip to Japan, I realized I wanted more fun in my life. I am, by nature, a fun-loving person. But I’m so energized by my work that it doesn’t feel much like work. That’s…...

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One of my biggest philosophies is “Small changes for big impact.” I really believe in this mantra.  When it comes to creating change in our lives, even positive change, it can be really hard.  Let’s be honest: The older we…...

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A couple of years ago, the Boston Marathon promoted its event with a series of inspiring billboards.  All of them were black and white images of a runner, with a quote that expressed their reason for running.  Some billboards were…...

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