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Grieving at the Holidays

A week or so ago, I spoke to a bereavement group about staying healthy and happy through the holidays. As you might suspect, the discussion quickly moved from holistic wellness (mind, body and spirit) to a more focused discussion on…...

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meQ Holiday Pledge

The holidays are meant to be filled with joy, but often, we find they are filled with stress. We panic, rush, worry–and it’s in THIS heightened, stressed-out state that we’re supposed to enjoy the holidays? No wonder this time of…...

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Mother's Day

We all know that our health is an important part of living a happy, healthy, full life.  So, what better way to show your mom that you care and love her than to give her the gift of good health? …...

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by Lauren Mackler Out of all the relationships we have in our lives, the ones we share with family members can be the most challenging. And there’s nothing like holiday stress to trigger the old wounds and unresolved issues that…...

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Starting with Thanksgiving, the holiday season gives us reason (or an excuse) to celebrate and indulge.  Some of us are great at managing the amount of celebrating we do, and some of us are not so good.  The worst, however,…...

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