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Growing up, I remember my dad stocking up on plums in the summer, and prunes and prune juice in the winter. Although I understood that they were extremely beneficial from a digestion perspective, I now realize that the benefits go…...

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Whether you say Tom-eh-to or you say Tom-ah-to, you can be sure that this sweet little fruit is going to do your body good.  As we come full-swing into Tomato season, here are a few fun and interesting facts about…...

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Not too long ago, my mom served a wonderful salad with a healthy dose of blueberries.  It was unexpected.  Sure, I’ve had and love fruit in my salad…but I’ve never had blueberries, specifically, as a salad ingredient.  The recipe is…...

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I continue to hear about free radicals and antioxidants. What are they? Why should I care? Hilary – San Francisco Free radicals are unstable molecules formed naturally and unnaturally from pollution, the environment and other factors.  Free radicals are always…...

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