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Summer is approaching and that means swimsuit season. In order to get your abs in shape for the beach, it is important to exercise all muscle groups in your core. You’ll want to work your rectus abdominis (aka: six pack),…...

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If your core is not strong, the Ab Ripper X workout will seem nearly impossible. And, if your core IS strong, this workout will still be pretty intense. It is made up of 11 abdominal exercises with 25 repetitions of…...

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If you’ve ever done workout routines or abdominal exercises using a DVD in your living room, you know that a great instructor is KEY in motivating you to get off the couch. Regular, consistent exercise on a long term basis…...

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Let’s assume we’re talking about a Pilates mat class and not a session involving all of the equipment. People are generally more familiar with the class environment because it is more common and much cheaper than having a one-on-one session.…...

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Ten years ago, if you ever took a group exercise class, you probably had the somewhat unpleasing experience of getting thrown into a 2 minute abs fire drill at the end of the class.  These days, however, the conventional ab…...

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