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Eating a healthy breakfast sets the tone for your day. It helps you function optimally and encourages healthier habits throughout the day. To ensure that your breakfast is doing the best job it can for you and your health, follow…...

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If you are a business traveler, your elite status may get you access to the club floor for breakfast. If not, a lot of hotels offer a breakfast buffet as a quick and convenient option for most of their guests.…...

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Almost every hotel breakfast, club-floor or otherwise, offers yogurt as a “healthy choice.”  Besides the fact that it is a great source of calcium, iodine and phosphorous, among other vitamins and minerals, it also contains live active bacterial cultures which may help…...

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Last week I stayed at the Sheraton Petaluma in California. As an SPG Gold Member, I received access to the hotel’s continental breakfast on the club floor. As usual, I was left underwhelmed. Many hotels offer their frequent guests a…...

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