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Sustainability: Making it Personal

We all have been on the band wagon about sustainability….green living…triple bottom line…social responsibility…yada yada.  When looking at the environment and when looking at our recently grown passion for sustainability, we have been in a reactive mode: slapping band aids on to fix the wounds we have inflicted on the earth.  It has taken astronomical energy and oil prices for us to realize the fragility of our resources.  It has taken threats and ‘inconvenient truths’ of global warming for us to understand our detrimental impact on the environment.  It has taken the loss of or near loss of species to realize how very precious every creature is on our precious earth.  As a result, for the better part of 5 years or so, we have been scrambeling to reverse the damages and reconsider how we treat mother nature and how we use energy and how we ultimately ‘save the earth.’  This approach, unfortunately, is how many of us approach our own lives.

I recently have had a lot of clients who have been interested in pursuing development and projects around the concept of wellness and although many of them get it, the words ‘wellness’ and ‘wellbeing’ just aren’t as impactful as I think they could be.  What is wellbeing?  What is wellness?  What is balance?  Many people think these are touchy feely concepts that don’t have much merit.  Or, they understand a couple of components of these concepts, such as fitness and nutrition, but they don’t get the rest, such as mental health and prevention.  Well, over the last ten to fifteen years, with the exponential growth of technology, we’ve been living more and more chaotically and unbalanced.  We don’t stop to really relax.  We don’t take a deep breath and release the stress.  No.  We are constantly on the go.   We are seeing a rise in blood pressure, depression, obesity and other medical issues.  We can never remove ourselves from the frenetic pace we live our lives in and unfortunately, it takes a big toll.  This toll manifests itself as health issues and sometimes even death.  This does not spell sustainable living to me and unfortunately, all too often, the toll that becomes all too consuming is what it takes to jolt many of us into reality, waking us up and causing us to rethink how we live.

It shouldn’t take a near death experience for us to value life.  It shouldn’t take extreme health conditions for us to take better care of ourselves.  As a result, what we now see is a new emerging dimension of sustainability…’Personal Sustainability.’  Living balanced, which is what Sheer Balance is all about, is what Personal Sustainability represents.  It is about being healthy…mind, body and soul.  It is about living in an environmentally friendly and conscious way.  It is about taking the time to nurture and do what is right for yourself.  It is living in a way that is personally fulfilling and meaningful in all dimensions of life.  And it is living a life that is as ‘sustainable’ as one can live.  Granted, we are mortal and can’t live forever, but living ‘sustainably’ is a concept that we can apply to our every day lives.  Being proactive…working every day, to live a life that is valuable…and valued.  This is Personal Sustainability…our strategy to promote and prolong life…not harm or shorten it.

So get on the new band wagon…and join the Personal Sustainability movement.  Make a change for the better…for yourself.

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