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Spa Finder’s Spa Trends of 2010

Spa Finder has just released its Spa Trends for 2010. If you like to go to the spa or are interested in going…here are some of the things you can look forward to during your experience:

  1. Prevention versus Pampering: In the past, spas have been seen as a place to be pampered.  In 2010, Spa Finder predicts that prevention will become the focus of spa visits instead.  Especially in light of recent health care concerns, people are looking for ways to prevent the onset of illness (Hallelujah!).  Spas are going to try to appeal to this shift in mentality by marketing their services as ways to prevent and reduce stress and health issues…not just the “feel good” aspects.
  2. Hammam Rebirth: Recently, you have seen this trend percolate in Vegas.  Spas are incorporating more DIY and heat therapies, such as steam and sauna…including Hammam.  Hammam is an Eastern European/Middle Eastern tradition that incorporates cleansing and detox through scrub, massage and heat.  It is often an experience that extends over a couple of hours…so you truly get your money’s worth!
  3. Spa Memberships: Just as individuals may belong to a “Golf Club” or “Yacht Club,” spas are offering memberships to their Spa.  This will help keep regular customers coming in and will also allow members access to the spa’s offerings (such as hammam, sauna, steam room, jacuzzis, etc.), with or without booking formal treatments.  This will help support communities of wellness on a more local basis.
  4. Increased Convenience Online: I have to admit, the spa industry has been a bit slow with the online world…but they are starting to get the picture.  Spas are offering reservation bookings, gift certificate downloads and eStores for the convenience of their customers (although, you have to hope they realize online is convenient for them as well).
  5. One Stop Shops: There once was a time when you would have to go to the fitness center to workout and then go to the spa for your massage.  We are starting to see, however, more and more gyms and healthcare centers offering spa-like services, while spas are starting to offer more fitness services and traditional medicine therapies (such as acupuncture and chiropractic services).   Medical, fitness, wellness and spa communities will be merging together to offer you a more seamless, holistic experience.
  6. Bargain Hunters: Whether it is due to the recession or due to expanding the consumers’ interest, spas are giving discounts and bargains more than before.  Apparently, many spas (35%) even plan on boosting bargain offerings.  Woohoo!  “Show me the Bargain!”
  7. Wellness Tourism: People are looking abroad, not only for vacation, but for wellness…ehem…prevention.  Many governments are looking to attract tourists who are interested in lowering healthcare costs through prevention programs.
  8. Standardization: As consumers become more aware and knowledgeable about spa-going, they are expecting stricter standards, greater results from treatments and stronger evidence that those treatments work.
  9. Globalization and Diversity: Spa-going is so mainstream today that those markets that were once considered fast growing (teens and men), have now become the norm.  All races, ages and genders are likely to be spa-going.  And this trend is not going anywhere.
  10. Silence is Golden: In a world where we are on sensory overload, spas will be offering an even bigger retreat away from the chaos and the noise.  Complete silence or white noise will become the norm over soothing spa music.  Technology will become extinct among spa spaces.  And spa-goers will be allowed to “hear the sunrise.”
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