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Spa Finder’s Spa Trends for 2011

spatrendsEvery December, Susie Ellis of Spa Finder predicts the spa trends of the new year. As an avid spa-goer, I am always curious what we have to look forward to. Personally, I wish that spa would get more into wellness and I have yet to see this really happen. The industry has continued to make claims that this is the trend, but I’ve felt that a lot of it has been lip service and spas have not put their money where there mouths are. That said, check out Susie’s spa trends for 2011 (read the full article here):

  1. Aging…Raging: In short, this means that there is going to be a large impact on the spa industry by the 65+ year old market. Baby boomers will be directly addressed as spas rethink how to address specific needs of this diverse, yet large demographic. They will consider equipment, programming, marketing and staffing needs, and we will see more therapeutic offerings that address pain and rehabilitation.
  2. All Eyes on Asia: This trend speaks to the fact that Asia and its local therapies have a profound influence on the spa industry worldwide. Thai massage, acupuncture, shiatsu, you name it…you can find it almost anywhere…except for in Asia. This, however, will be changing and more spas and hotel spas will be developed throughout China, Cambodia, India, Sri Lanka and other Asian countries. Is a matter of fact, the Asia-Pacific has the largest number of spas and hotels under development of any region in the world.
  3. Salt Rooms and Salt Caves: Just as Hammam and Water therapies have become big over the last few years, now we will see salt-infused environments with salt rooms, salt caves and grottoes at spas for offerings in “halotherapy.” Salt therapies will also be integrated into other service offerings, such as massage, meditation or even yoga.
  4. Spa Brandwagon: We’ve seen them popping up slowly…Elizabeth Arden’s Red Door, Exhale, Bliss, and others, but branded spa “chains” are becoming more of a reality. Spa-goers will have a wider of variety of price-points and brand types to choose from.
  5. Deals Gone Wild: You may have heard of “Spa-Week,” when consumers can find local spas offering $50 treatments during one discounted week. But now deals are becoming more main stream with companies like LivingSocial and GroupOn in the mix. These deal sites have gone global, as well, and there is a large influx of spa deals (about 20%) headlining daily offerings.
  6. The Science of Spa: As consumers become more informed, and as more data is collected, there will be more scientific proof of what spa therapies actually provide healthful benefits and which don’t. No doubt, many of us FEEL the benefits, however, documented proof is another story. Today, there are projects specifically geared towards aggregating and curating data into scientific research that highlights the medical benefits of spa services and modalities. Further, we are seeing more and more hospitals taking an integrative medical approach with holistic and eastern based therapies into their practices and offerings.
  7. Hyper-Local Spas: Spas will continue to become extremely localized offering services that are highly specific to where they are and indigenous to its surroundings. Further, with the farm-to-table movement, spa cuisine will continue to become more and more localized. This trend will continue to grow.
  8. Extreme Beauty: When it comes to beauty, consumers seem to be pushing the limits. Between botox, fillers, injectables and other technologies, consumers are becoming more and more anxious to partake in these beauty regimens. “Stem Cells” are now becoming part of facial treatments and facelifts. Also, consumers are becoming more tolerant of the pain it takes to get extreme results.
  9. Spa in a New York Minute: Due to time constraints of the spa-goer, treatments are becoming more feasible and accessible as they are paired down into mini-, express or sampler sized treatments that last 15 to 30 minutes. Further, Spa hours are starting to become longer where some spas are even open 22 hours or 24 hours. Additionally, treatments will be administered by multiple therapists in order to save time.
  10. Surprising Special Events: Maybe the most predictable of trends, spas are putting more imagination into their offerings so that they go beyond the typical “spa getaway.” Offerings like trapeze experiences, healthy cooking retreats, jewelry making retreats and educational weekends are on the rise.

Do any of these spa trends of 2011 by Susie Ellis of Spa Finder appeal? What do you look forward to in the upcoming year?



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