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Poll: Have you ever had a bed bug issue in a hotel?

With the vast influx of bed bugs amidst our major cities, not only are bed bugs a problem in hotels, but we are seeing problems in residential areas, schools, airplanes, trains, and even workplaces. Is a matter of fact, my condo board released a notice to all of our tenants warning them of the issue, urging residents to take extra care to avoid infestation of the nasty critters.

In a survey conducted by Infogroup/ORC in October 2010, 1 in 10 people responded that they had a problem with bed bugs. This number doubled for respondents from the Northeast.

As a frequent traveler, have you had any issues? Tell us in the poll below:

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More revealing statistics

The survey also revealed that respondents have begun to alter their behavior in and outside of the home in order to avoid bed bugs:

  • 22% Started checking beds, furniture, clothes and rugs on a regular basis
  • 21% Started washing clothes and bed linens in extremely hot water and drying them on super-high heat in an attempt to kill bugs
  • 16% Avoid establishments because they’re afraid of picking up bed bugs and bringing them home
  • 13% Stopped traveling to hotels or cities with known bed bug problems
  • 12% Avoid people they know who have had a bed bug problem

Respondents also provided insights as to how they would deal with an infestation:

  • 52% Would buy mattress wraps
  • 35% Would hire a professional to take care of the problem, no matter what the cost
  • 27% Would blast their home with super-high heat to kill bed bugs
  • 18% Would cover all their upholstered furniture with plastic slip covers
  • 13% Would get a bed bug-sniffing dog to warn them at the first sign of infestation

Now that the holiday season is here, more people will be traveling, potentially upping the ante for possible infestation. Take extra care with our guide to avoid bed bugs so that they stay out of your home.

If you want to read the full report, click here.

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