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Pinterest: My new Interest

PinterestI’ve never been shy about my personal challenge getting into the Social Media side of things. It has been a struggle, because often it is hard to gauge the genuine interest level in your followers on Twitter and your “Fans” on Facebook. Personally, I tend to deeply value in person, one-on-one conversations. That said, I’ve adopted the idea of social media and have tried my darnedest to make it part of my online repertoire.

Recently, you may have heard about Pinterest. If not, I urge you to check it out (see my Pinterest boards here). Pinterest is  a new social media format that I can actually get behind and excited about using. In short, Pinterest is the intersection of Twitter and “scrapbooking.” Not really a scrapbooker, I tend to think of Pinterest more as image collecting. As an architect and visual person, I find the platform to be a much more effective way to connect with people. Here’s why:

  1. We are more visual than verbal: Most people like looking at things, not reading them. A picture or an image elicits a much larger response than words themselves. It engages people into a much more interesting conversation, that goes beyond the superficial much more quickly and authentically.
  2. A Picture Says a Thousand words: Even though an image doesn’t have words in it (unless it is an image of words), the image can tell a whole story, and much more effectively than 140 characters can. You can read a plot, emotion, atmosphere, environment, and so much more with a picture. And that is much more appealing than what you might get out of 140 characters.
  3. The Emotional Response: Images elicit emotional responses and they make us think. We connect with images much more easily than we do with words. Sometimes the emotion is very deep, and as a result, images are much more engaging and personal than words.

Have you tried Pinterest? Do you like it? If you haven’t and want to try it, email me at bblumenthal [at] and I’ll send you an invite.

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