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Get Creative with Your Family

10 Ways to Get Creative with Your Family This Weekend

Getting creative is a super important component of your family’s mental health. And you don’t need to be an artist or musician in order to reap the benefits of regular creative pursuits. Researchers have reviewed studies that used art, writing, music…...

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52 Small Changes for the Family

My Top 5 Changes from 52 Small Changes for the Family

I’m thrilled to announce today (3/12/19) is the launch of my new book, 52 Small Changes for the Family. This is the 3rd and latest book in my 52 Small Changes series, and I teamed up with family health practitioner…...

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5 Tips to Be a Better Listener

5 Ways to Become a Better Listener for Your Kids

If you’ve lamented the loss of real conversation in your life, you wouldn’t be alone. Sherry Turkle, MIT communications professor and noted author, reminds us: “The world is more talkative now, but it’s at the expense of real conversation.” Cultivating…...

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Declutter with Decision Flow

Get Organized & Reduce Clutter with Decision Flow

Minimizing and organizing: they’re so hot right now. If you’ve been bingeing Marie Kondo and making your thrift store piles, or simply sighing every time you open that junk drawer because who has the time to binge TV right now,…...

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Kid-Friendly Whole Grain Recipes

10 Family-Friendly Recipes for Sneaking in Whole Grains

Whole grains are an important of a healthy diet, but unfortunately are lacking in many of our kitchens today. In fact, according to a 2015 survey by the Whole Grains Council, only 31 percent of Americans always choose whole grains…...

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Stop Mealtime Meltdowns

7 Ways to Stop Mealtime Meltdowns in Their Tracks

If there’s any such thing as a universal parenting experience, mealtime meltdowns are it. Whether it’s a hangry kiddo who’s losing his mind faster than you can get food on the table, a child who absolutely refuses anything with nutritional…...

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8 Winter Wellness Tips

Winter Wellness: 8 Tips to Keep Your Family Healthy All Season Long

Between daycare, holiday parties and brutal winter temps, it seems like someone in the house is always catching a cold. And before you know it, the entire family is hunkered down on the couch with a box of tissues. While…...

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Recipes to get Your Veggies in

Recipes for Eating the Rainbow

A study by the Centers for Disease Control shows that 60 percent of children and 18 percent of adults aren’t getting enough fruit each day, and worse: 93 percent of children and 83 percent of adults are deficient in veggies.…...

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10 Ways to Enjoy Nature in the Winter

In most parts of the country (especially here in the Northeast), winter isn’t a time that’s synonymous with the best time to get outside and explore. We long for warm summer or brisk fall days when we can enjoy the…...

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Creating a Scent-scape for Your Mood

Many of us have gotten a whiff of a scent and have been transported back to a memory or moment in time – and the associated emotions. But have you ever thought about how you can create scent in your space that helps improve your mood? …...

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