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P90X Day 4: Yoga

P90X Yoga Poses with Tony HortonP90X Yoga was another enjoyable class. The class focused on many of the more common yoga poses that one would do in a traditional class and Tony Horton does a decent job of dialing down his crazy energy and talking. Further, he provides some decent tips on proper alignment and modifications for the yoga poses. This is an important class to the P90X workout: It gives your body a bit of a reprieve from the intensity of most of the P90X program and stretches out the muscles you’ve been working so hard.

Some background: I’m not a huge Yoga person. My husband and I have been taking Yoga classes over the last six months. My husband and I joke that taking classes is sort of like physical therapy that we HAVE to do to prevent injuries and maintain decent flexibility. Anyway, the P90X yoga poses were very familiar to me and most are easy enough for beginners. However, if you aren’t very flexible, you’ll probably need to work up to some of the yoga poses that Tony Horton takes you through.

The P90X Yoga program is 90 minutes long and is built around Hatha Yoga. Although many classes you’d take at a studio can be up to 90 minutes, this workout felt a little long. After a brief warm-up, Tony Horton launched into the bulk of the class, made up of Moving Asanas, Balance Postures, Floor Work and something Tony Horton likes to refer to as The Yoga Belly 7. For those of you who are familiar with the practice, here is a list of the yoga poses, and some commentary:

Moving Asanas: Each Asana starts with your standard Chaturanga, Upward Dog and Downward Dog. I’m going to be really honest here, I am not a huge fan of Asanas and so, I felt this portion of the P90X workout was extremely long (12 poses on each side of the body to be exact).  It lasted for over 45 minutes…meaning more than half the class.

  1. Runner’s Pose
  2. Crescent Pose
  3. Warrior One
  4. Warrior Two
  5. Reverse Warrior
  6. Triangle Pose
  7. Twisting Triangle
  8. Chair to Twisting Chair (Prayer Twist)
  9. Right-Angle Pose to Extended Right-Angle Pose & Grab – Note: FYI the Right-Angle Pose & Grab was especially challenging for those who are not that flexible)
  10. Prayer twist from Runner’s Pose to Side Arm Balance
  11. Warrior Three to Standing Splits
  12. Half Moon to Twisting Half Moon – Note: these are very challenging for those who are not very flexible or who aren’t very balanced

Balance Postures: Personally, I enjoy yoga poses for balance. So, I felt this was a bit on the short side. Each was done for 30 seconds on each side of the body.

  1. Tree
  2. Royal Dancer
  3. Standing Leg Extension

Floor Work: Floor work is usually my favorite among yoga poses. Maybe it is because it feels less difficult when you are lying on the floor. But, for sure, this was the easiest part of the class.

  1. Crane (Pre-Handstand) – Note: I feel like this is also called Crow, but I’m not sure. This is definitely one of the most challenging yoga poses in this workout, especially if you haven’t done it before.
  2. Seated Spinal Stretch
  3. Cat Stretch
  4. Frog
  5. Bridge or Wheel
  6. Plough into Shoulder Stand with Leg Variations into Plough
  7. Table
  8. Cobbler Pose
  9. One-Legged Hamstring Stretch into Two-Legged Hamstring Stretch

The Yoga Belly 7: I was not a big fan of these exercises. I feel that a lot of them focused on the lower section of the abdominal muscles and neglected the upper abdominals and obliques. Further, Tony Horton somehow forgets he is leading a Yoga class and goes back to his traditional format of yelling at people and talking incessantly to push them harder. It sort of takes away from the meditative experience you’d expect in a Yoga class.

  1. Touch the Sky
  2. Boat
  3. Half Boat
  4. Scissor
  5. Torso Twist Hold
  6. Deep Torso Twist Hold
  7. Touch the Sky (again)

The class ends with some stretches, child’s pose, shavasana and fetal pose. Finally, Tony Horton completes the workout with three long “Ohms.” As decent of a job as he does, it is very difficult to feel at peace or meditative with Tony leading the way. All of that said, it felt good to stretch out all of the muscles I worked this week.

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