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P90X Day 2: Plyometrics

P90X PlyometricsUgh. I hated the P90X Plyometrics workout before I even started. As Tony Horton so blatantly put it…it is the “Mother of all P90X workouts.” Plyometrics gets your heart rate up into the cardio zone while strengthening muscles through bursts of energy…mostly made up of hops, bounds, and jumps. These movements cause your muscles to shorten and then immediately lengthen. Supposedly, this system uses more than the usual number of “motor units.”  Whatever…it stinks.

I’m going to be honest…this is day 2 of P90X and although I am physically fit enough to get through the routines…I’m not exactly “enjoying” them. Plyometrics specifically reminded me of the Bootcamp classes I taught as a group fitness instructor.  And now, I think I finally understand why I had only seven people come to my classes regularly, when I’d get dozens to my other classes.  Bootcamp (read: Plyometrics) just isn’t fun. I will say this, however: teaching Bootcamp is way more fun than taking Bootcamp. And Tony Horton sure does exemplify this. The man doesn’t stop. He doesn’t stop talking, moving, working or joking with his “class.” Annoying to say the least. But, I guess that is Tony Horton’s job.

The Plyometrics program was about 58 minutes with a 9 minute warm up and a 5 minute cool down. If you do the math, that means about 45 minutes of painful strength training exercises. The class is set up so that you can do the workout in about 50 – 65 square feet of space. So, once again, my living room sufficed. The bulk of the plyometrics were structured so that you did two sets of a group of exercises, with a water break in between like so:

Exercise Group:

  • 3 exercises for 30 seconds each
  • 1 exercise for one minute
  • Repeat

Water Break. Move onto next Group of Exercises…

There were a total of five groups…or ten sets…of these strength training exercises. I’ve listed each grouping of exercises with my assessment of their level of difficulty on a scale of 1 to 5…5 being the most difficult. Understand, however, that 1 is not easy. It is just the easiest as compared to the others. I also rated how much I liked the exercise with the following: Liked, Tolerated, Disliked…and the ever so often “Hated.” Again, the rating of “Like” is relative.  I think “like” is a little strong of a word for any plyometrics exercise.

Exercise Difficulty Level of Enjoyment
Group 1
Jump Squats 3 Liked
Run Stance Squats 3 Liked
Airborne Heisman 3 Liked
Swing Kicks 3 Liked
Exercise Difficulty Level of Enjoyment
Group 2
Squat Reach Jumps 4 Tolerated
Run Stance Squat Switch Pickups 3 Liked
Double Airborne Heisman 2 Liked
Circle Run 1 Tolerated
Exercise Difficulty Level of Enjoyment
Group 3
Jump Knee Tucks 5 Hated – Note: Tony Horton refers to this exercise as “the Mother of all Moves” which should give you a clear indication as to how much I hated this exercise.
Mary Katherine Lunges 3 Tolerated
Leapfrog Squats 2 Liked
Twist Combo 1 Liked
Exercise Difficulty Level of Enjoyment
Group 4
Rock Star Hops 5 Hated
Gap Jumps 3 Liked
Squat Jacks 3 Tolerated
Military March 1 Liked
Exercise Difficulty Level of Enjoyment
Group 5
Run Squat 180 Jump Switches 4 Disliked
Lateral Leapfrog Squats 3 Tolerated
Monster Truck Tires 2 Liked
Hot Foot 3 Disliked

Just when you think the hell of the Plyometrics strength training exercises are over, Tony Horton slips in his “Sports Bonus.” A little note to those who did not play sports in high school: You’ll find these exercises especially annoying. Mostly because the hand-eye coordination is challenging…especially when you use the side of your body that isn’t natural (meaning if you are right handed and you have to throw with your left hand, it is extremely unnatural). I hate to say it, but as a woman, I found the Football Hero exercises most tolerable. Go figure. I’ve rated the Sports Bonus exercises below:

Exercise Difficulty Level of Enjoyment
Pitch and Catch – Mimics Baseball 3 Disliked: I don’t know how anyone can do this exercise without being ambidextrous. I was fine with the right side, but try pitching a ball left-handed when you are a righty.
Jump Shots – Mimics Basketball 2 Tolerated
Football Hero – Mimics Football 1 Liked

So, if you couldn’t tell, I despised the P90X plyometrics workout. In no way, shape or form was it fun. The strength training aspect, however, is very different in comparison to weight training. So, from the muscle confusion aspect, I can see how plyometrics challenges muscles differently.

Have you done plyometrics? What did you think?

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