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P90X Day 6: Kenpo

P90X KenpoDay 6 of P90X was the “Come Home to J_sus” moment of my P90X experience. The sixth class was an “aerobic” workout called Kenpo. I use quotations because my body would argue that once again, this was a strength training AND aerobic workout. Kenpo is a combination of boxing and Taekwondo (or Karate), and is similar to Kickboxing and/or Tae Bo. But there is really no mistaking the roots of the moves. They are undeniably taken from boxing and some sort of martial arts…I like to say Taekwondo because I’ve actually taken it and understand the similarities.

About 15 years ago I discovered a boxing class at my gym. I loved that boxing class then, and I love Kenpo now. Here’s why:

  1. Fun, Fun, Fun: If I could ever claim that P90X was fun…Kenpo is what I needed to do so. Not only was this workout fun, but the time FLEW.
  2. Just Hard Enough: Kenpo was challenging, but not so much where you were cursing Tony Horton the entire time.
  3. Empowerment and Self Esteem: As a woman, especially, Kenpo provides one with a huge sense of empowerment, self esteem and self confidence. You come away feeling as if you can take on the world…and a few bullies to boot.
  4. Release of Tension: If you are in a bad mood and want to let out some aggression, Kenpo is fantastic.
  5. It REALLY Works: I’ve not been feeling too sore from any of the workouts yet. However, Kenpo worked muscles that I forgot I had…and those muscles felt it for a solid 48 hours. My whole entire rib cage, shoulders, triceps and back were undoubtedly sore. Further, my legs were definitely worn out. Call me crazy, but I LIKE feeling worn out like that. You know you got a good workout.

Similar to the P90X Legs and Back workout, the Kenpo structure doesn’t repeat exercises. Again, this makes the time fly. After a brief warm up, the class is comprised of boxing moves, Taekwondo moves and cardio like this:

  • 6 Boxing Moves – including jabs and punches
  • 1 minute Cardio Break
  • 3 Boxing Moves + 2 Taekwondo Kicking Moves
  • 1 Minute Cardio Break
  • 3 Taekwondo Kicking Moves + 2 Combination Hand and Lowerbody Moves
  • 1 Minute Cardio Break
  • 5 Blocking Moves
  • 1 Minute Cardio Break
  • 4 Combination Upper and Lower Body Moves
  • Elbow Series
  • Vertical Punches
  • 1 Minute Cardio Break

All of the moves were fun and challenging. I will say, however, that Tony Horton’s motto of “Bring It” really applies with this workout. You have to imagine wanting to punch someone’s lights out or protecting yourself from an attacker. That gives you the extra push to follow through with all of the sequences and moves.

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