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P90X in 90 Seconds: Plyometrics Workout Video

Plyometrics - P90XI’m kicking off a workout video series called P90X in 90 Seconds. Realize that P90X Plyometrics is an hour workout, but in the interest of time and my 90 second promise, I’ve edited the workout into a 90 second (plus or minus) clip. I’ve eliminated both the warm-up and cool-down and have only provided the Plyometrics specific exercises. According to Tony Horton, the Plyometrics workout is the “Mother of all P90X Workouts.” That said, I’ve learned to love this workout. Go figure.

As I mention in the Plyometrics review, this workout actually repeats every four exercises. For the purpose of my 90 second promise, I’ve only shown each exercise once. However, what you see in this workout video should give you a sense for how difficult or easy each of the exercises are and what you can expect fro the Plyometrics program.

As a quick reminder, this is the structure of the P90X Plyometrics workout. Remember, every group repeats.:

Group 1 – Repeats
Jump Squats
Run Stance Squats
Airborne Heisman
Swing Kicks

Group 2 – Repeats
Squat Reach Jumps
Run Stance Squat Switch Pickups
Double Airborne Heisman
Circle Run

Group 3 – Repeats
Jump Knee Tucks
Mary Katherine Lunges
Leapfrog Squats
Twist Combo

Group 4 – Repeats
Rock Star Hops
Gap Jumps
Squat Jacks
Military March

Group 5 – Repeats
Run Squat 180 Jump Switches
Lateral Leapfrog Squats
Monster Truck Tires
Hot Foot

Bonus (Doesn’t Repeat)
Pitch and Catch – Mimics Baseball
Jump Shots – Mimics Basketball
Pitch and Catch – Mimics Football

What do you think after watching this workout video? Does this P90X in 90 Seconds workout video help you understand the exercises? How difficult does Plyometrics seem to you (remember, you do these exercises for AN HOUR)? Stay tuned for other videos in the P90X in 90 Seconds series.

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