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P90X in 90 Seconds: Core Synergistics Workout

Undoubtedly, Core Synergistics from P90X works out not just your abs, but also your legs and arms. I’m not going to lie, this workout wasn’t my favorite when I started, but it has grown on me over the last few months. Now, it is somewhat fun. I almost feel like it is an obstacle course. Each of the exercises are so different, that you don’t get nearly as bored as you might with others.

For reference, here is a listing of exercises, how I felt about them at the beginning and how I feel now:

Exercise Difficulty Beginning Thoughts Thoughts Today
Stacked Foot / Staggered Hands Push-Up 4 Tolerated Liked
Banana Roll 3 Liked Liked
Leaning Crescent Lunges 2 Liked Liked
Squat Run 1 Liked Tolerated
Sphinx Push Up 5 Hated Liked
Bow to Boat 3 Tolerated Liked
Low Lateral Skaters 2 Liked Tolerated
Lunge & Reach 1 Liked Liked
Prison Cell Push-Up 4 Disliked Tolerated
Side Hip Raise 2 Liked Liked
Squat X-Press 1 Liked Liked
Plank to Chataranga Run 5 Hated Tolerated
Walking Push-Up 3 Tolerated Tolerated
Superman Banana 1 Liked Liked
Lunge Kickback Curl Press 2 Liked Liked
Towel Hoppers 2 Disliked Tolerated
Reach High & Under Push-Ups 3 Liked Tolerated
Steam Engine 2 Tolerated Tolerated
Dreya Roll 3 Disliked Liked
Plank to Chaturanga Iso 4 Disliked Tolerated
Halfback 1 Liked Liked
Table Dip Leg Raise 3 Tolerated Tolerated

As you can see, for the most part, some of the moves I once disliked or hated have become either more tolerable or I’ve come to like them. I think the reality is that if you don’t know how or aren’t able to do a certain exercise, it is human¬† nature to not like something. At first I couldn’t do a couple of the push-up type exercises (Sphinx Push-Up and Chataranga Run), and now I can. There is something very rewarding about that. For the couple of exercises that I liked less over time, it is either because they are boring or awkward.

Now that you’ve watched the Core Synergistics workout video, what do you think?

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