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P90X in 90 Seconds: Chest, Shoulders & Triceps

The Chest, Shoulders & Triceps workout is is my least favorite P90X strength training workout. I much prefer the Chest and Back P90X workout, and the Shoulders and Arms workouts over this. The amount of push-ups required are over the top. As you may remember, the sheer number of push ups requires a woman, no matter how strong, to eventually drop to her knees to pump them out.  That said, by the end of the program, I have been able to do more and more of these…even the Clap Push-Ups I’ve managed to get.

In this workout video, you’ll notice I’m not in the gym where I usually film my videos. Our gym has been closed and so, I’ve had to resort to resistance bands for my workouts. I will tell you that I’ve come to loathe resistance bands. They are very restrictive and as you will see in this workout video in particular, many of the moves had to be modified because of the resistance bands. In particular, the Lying Extensions, Pour Flys, Side-Leaning Extensions, Throw the Bomb, Slow Mo Throw, and Dumbbell Cross Body Throws were all modified to some extent.

As a reminder, here are the exercises of the Chest, Shoulders and Triceps workout. Unlike with some of the other workouts, I’m not giving you a comparison from my original enjoyment level to now, as my enjoyment for this workout hasn’t changed.

Muscle(s) Worked Exercise Enjoyment Level
C Slow Motion 3-in-1 Push Ups Tolerated 2
S In & Out Flys Liked 1
T Chair Dips Liked 2
C Plange Push Ups Tolerated 3
S Pike Press Hated 4
T Side Tri-Rise Disliked 4
C Floor Flys Disliked 3
S Scarecrow Loved 2
T Overhead Extensions Liked 1
C Two-Twitch Speed Push Ups Tolerated 2
S Y-Press Liked 2
T Lying Extensions Liked 2
C Side-to-Side Push Ups Tolerated 3
S Pour Flys Loved 2
T Side-Leaning Extensions Tolerated 2
C One-Arm Push Ups Hated 5
S Weighted Circles Liked 1
T Throw the Bomb Loved 2
C Clap or Plyo Push Ups Tolerated 4
S Slow-Mo Throw Liked 2
T Front-to-Back Extension Tolerated 2
C One-Arm Balance Push Ups Tolerated 2
S Fly-Row-Press Loved 2
T Dumbbell Cross-Body Blows Liked 2

Now that you’ve seen Chest, Shoulders & Triceps, what do you think?

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