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P90X – Day 23: Core Synergistics

P90X - Core SynergisticsYesterday was the first time I tried the Core Synergistics workout of P90X. The purpose of Core Synergistics is to strengthen the lumbar spine and trunk muscles. This is very important because these muscles support all your other muscles in completing any kind of movement or exercise. In short, the stronger these muscles, the stronger your body. One way to understand this is that if you were to remove these muscles from your body, you would virtually have no ability to lift anything. If you have ever been pregnant, you’ve probably experienced this in your second to third trimester (at least this is what I’m told).

Core Synergistics integrates variations of moves that come from other P90X DVDs. Here are the exercises, the level of difficulty (on a scale of 1 – 5) and once again, how much I enjoyed each exercise:

Exercise Difficulty Level of Enjoyment Comments
Stacked Foot / Staggered Hands Push-Up 4 Tolerated
Banana Roll 3 Liked
Leaning Crescent Lunges 2 Liked
Squat Run 1 Liked
Sphinx Push Up 5 Hated Not only was this move very awkward, but it was very difficult.
Bow to Boat 3 Tolerated The “Boat” portion isn’t difficult, but the “Bow” requires you to keep your legs very straight, and your back very flat (not rounded)…that is the challenge in this.
Low Lateral Skaters 2 Liked
Lunge & Reach 1 Liked
Break & Stretch
Prison Cell Push-Up 4 Disliked A bit awkward. It took me several rounds to figure out the exact sequence of moves. Plus, as I’ve mentioned, I don’t like push ups that much. I’m starting to think I need those push up bars Tony Horton uses.
Side Hip Raise 2 Liked
Squat X-Press 1 Liked
Plank to Chataranga Run 5 Hated The Plank version of this is easy. The Chataranga version is next to impossible. Imagine you are at the bottom of a push up and you move your legs in a running position…It requires amazing abdominal and tricep strength.
Walking Push-Up 3 Tolerated This move is a bit awkward, but isn’t so bad.
Superman Banana 1 Liked
Lunge Kickback Curl Press 2 Liked
Towel Hoppers 2 Disliked The trick is to keep your knees together. Plus, if you have bad knees or ankles, this will definitely hurt.
Ballistic Stretch
Reach High & Under Push-Ups 3 Liked The challenge in this exercise is when you have to reach under your body during the side plank position.
Steam Engine 2 Tolerated These are like crunches to your knees, except you are standing up.
Dreya Roll 3 Disliked Another awkward exercise.
Plank to Chaturanga Iso 4 Disliked The challenge here is that you are tired at this point in the workout.
Halfback 1 Liked
Table Dip Leg Raise 3 Tolerated

All in all, Core Synergistics wasn’t my favorite P90X workout. For the most part, the exercises weren’t all that difficult (except for a few), but several of them were very awkward. I’m sure some if it has to do with lack in strength (E.g., the Plank to Chataranga Run), but I guess we will see how much better this gets as the 90 days go by.

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