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Nutrition in Your 30s and Older

If you are in your 30s, 40s or older, you may have noticed that it has become a bit harder to keep off weight.  Why?  Because our metabolisms slow with age, and for many of us, 30 marks the beginning of that change. In our 30s, we also go through other transformations: we start to lose bone mass, we may start seeing other medical issues pop-up and yes, aging starts to show.  Why do all of these changes start in our 30s?  Because our bodies start to reduce production of certain hormones that are important in preserving muscle mass…which is KEY to having a higher metabolism and keeping off weight.  Further, in our 30s we have more stress and responsibilities, all while having less time to prioritize ourselves.

Lisa Drayer, M.A., R.D. addresses all of these issues in her book Strong, Slim, and 30! As a Registered Dietitian, she has encountered hundreds of women who struggle with weight loss, reduced energy and other health issues as a result of hitting the big 3-0.  In Strong, Slim, and 30!, she provides a targeted plan to address slowing metabolism, beauty, aging and even pregnancy in your 30s.  Here is what I love about Strong, Slim, and 30!

  1. Quick and Easy, Yet Informative Read: The book is an easy read and is easy to follow. Although Lisa will get technical about some of her points, they are important in helping the reader understand the science behind the theory.  There are solid explanations for her recommendations and points.
  2. Actionable: Not only does Lisa tell you what to do, but she tells you how to do it.  She gives you a plan that is easy to implement.
  3. Long-Term Appropriate: Yes, the book is about your 30s, but in reality, the information can be applied to your life past 30, as well.  The book is a great long-term nutrition solution.   Further, it applies good nutrition principles to every day situations, such as eating out and busy days.
  4. Prevention Based: Instead of advocating a ‘Fad Diet,’  Strong, Slim, and 30! promotes lifestyle.  Lifestyle choices are key to sticking with a healthy nutrition plan, but even more importantly, they are key to preventing disease and other health problems.
  5. Protein and Strength Building Advocate: Personally, I am a big believer in protein and strength training.  Protein is the foundation for muscle building and maintenance…which directly impacts our bone density, metabolisms and ability to keep off unwanted weight.  Lisa advocates for both.

Strong, Slim, and 30! is a must read for any woman in her 30s or older.  Not only will you learn the basics of good nutrition, but you will learn how to stay young and feel great well throughout your life.

Buy Strong, Slim, and 30! here.

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