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My Beautiful Mommy

My Beautiful MommyThis past April it was announced that a new book is available called ‘My Beautiful Mommy’.  Don’t let the name fool you…this isn’t some testament to how children adore their mothers.  It isn’t about children thinking their mothers are the most beautiful creatures on earth.  It isn’t even about a mother’s inner beauty.  No…it is a picture book for children ages 4 to 7, that aims to explain why mommy has a flatter tummy, bigger breasts and a ‘prettier’ nose…all a result of you guessed it…elective surgery.

Now granted, it is sweet if a child thinks their mother is beautiful.  I’m sure that it can be a mother’s dream that their children idolize them…put them on a pedestal…worship them.  But what kind of message does it send to children that their mommy is beautiful…as a result of the wonders of medical innovations and artificial means?  By simple logic, the book implies that mommy wasn’t so beautiful prior to her surgery…that mommy needed to change…that something wasn’t right with mommy…that mommy, indeed, just may have been ugly.  How sad.  How did we possibly come to the point where innocent children need to be taught about such superficial, artificial and vain concepts?

As if media and society doesn’t send enough messages to young impressionable boys and girls about how they aren’t good enough…that they aren’t thin enough…that they aren’t beautiful enough.  No, we can’t possibly let it rest there.  We now want to teach 4 year olds that when they are mommy’s age, they are going to have to start nipping…tucking…sawing off the flab…sucking out the fat…lifting and snipping at all that mother nature gave them.

Instead of ‘My Beautiful Mommy’, why don’t we be honest and call the book ‘My Plastic Mommy’ or ‘My Barbie Mommy’ or ‘My Unnatural Mommy’ or even ‘My Mommy wasn’t Happy with the Way She Was’.  Look, if you want to have plastic surgery…by all means, it is your decision.  And I’m sure speaking with your child about why mommy doesn’t look like she did three days ago is very important.  But please don’t lie to your child about what beauty is.  Please don’t imply that beauty is something artificial.  Beauty is not silicon breast implants.  Beauty isn’t about a scalpel and sutures.  Beauty isn’t about machines that suck out fat cells.  Beauty is the ability to love who you are as a person…to be comfortable in your own skin…to be a good person.  Yeah, that is right, beauty is more than skin deep.

It is about time we start teaching our children about real beauty.  It is about time we stop being so vain that we need a book to explain to our children that we are so pitifully superficial.  It is about time that we teach young boys and girls to love people for who they are and to look deeper than the surface.

Would someone please write a book called ‘My Beautiful, Natural, Aging Gracefully Mommy’?

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