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Motivation: Empowerment Must Come from Within

Self EmpowermentNo one can empower us to accomplish goals, be successful, make change or create the life we want, except us. It is dangerous to think that our ability to do any of these things is dependent on others or other things. When we think this way, we give away everything.

The moment you feel powerless, remember that the greatest source of empowerment comes from deep within yourself. This mindset will enable you to achieve what you want and be fearless in achieving your dreams.

Small Changes to help unleash your own self-empowerment:

  1. Attitude Adjustment: Transition from an “I can’t” to an “I can” attitude. The more you think positively the more you’ll be able to achieve
  2. Let Go of External Opinions: Stop basing your actions on other people’s opinions, expectations and desires. Listen to your intuition and to yourself when it comes to doing what is best for you and your interests.
  3. Be Heard: Don’t be shy about expressing yourself and allowing yourself to have an opinion. Verbalize your thoughts and opinions to yourself and to others when appropriate.
  4. Self-Acceptance: Learn to accept and love yourself for who you are. Don’t let mistakes and disappointments bring you down. Remember this is all a journey!
  5. Believe in Yourself: Believe in yourself and what you can do.

Do you empower yourself regularly? What do you do to supercharge your thoughts into action?

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