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5 Reasons to do a Morning Workout

You’ve packed your sweats and your sneakers, yet getting to the hotel fitness facility when traveling seems to continually take last priority. The key to getting in some activity during the trip is to get in a morning workout. Exercising in the AM provides several benefits that make it worth the early wake-up call.

  1. No Excuses: When we travel for business, our evenings can easily be hijacked by client dinners, putting out fires, team meetings, long hours…you name it. A morning workout, however, enables you to decide when to start your day. This makes it difficult to find excuses as to why you can’t squeeze in a three mile run or get to the hotel fitness center.
  2. Physical Wake-up: If you go to the gym at night, your body needs more time to wind down so that it can fall asleep. This can challenge our sleep patterns and make for a difficult start to the day. However, one of the best ways to wake-up your body is to get in a morning workout. This will wake up your body naturally, lessening the need for caffeine.
  3. Mental Wake-up: Just exercising early wakes up your body, it also wakes up your mind. Going to the hotel fitness facility in the AM allows you to clear your mind, which means you’ll be more productive, more alert and more efficient throughout the day.
  4. Maximize Fat Burn: A morning workout usually is done on an empty stomach. As a result, you’ll burn fat and calories that are left-over or stored versus those that you have just eaten or eaten during the day. This makes exercise in the hotel fitness center more efficient and effective.
  5. Metabolism Booster: You burn an increased number of calories for up to two or three hours after exercise. If you kick-off the day with exercise and then proceed with normal daily activity afterward, your metabolism becomes supercharged. However, If you go to sleep soon after spending time in the hotel fitness facility, your metabolism won’t stay as high.

A morning workout is the best way to ensure that a visit to the hotel fitness center actually happens…and, more importantly, is most effective. When do you get to the gym when you travel for business?

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