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Mizfit Workout Skirts are on the Move!

Mizfit SkirtIf you don’t know Carla Birnberg, you should. She is highly influential in the personal fitness world; but what I love the most about her is that she advocates individuality. She encourages her readers and followers to embrace their uniqueness, quirkiness, and personal fitness style. And she captures this belief quite succinctly in her site – – motto: “Because Fitness Isn’t about Fitting in.”

That’s right. Fitness isn’t about being what everyone else wants you to be or doing what everyone else does. It is about doing what you love, having fun and being true to who you are, all while striving to be at your best.

I was pretty excited to find out that Carla started her own brand of workout skirts. Personally, workout skirts are one of my favorite types of workout clothing and I wear them about 75% of the time. But what’s more impressive is that Carla has started this initiative for philanthropic purposes. Any and all profit she makes goes directly to Mayan Families Charity a group for which she has tremendous passion. And it turns out, the manufacturer has offered to match her contributions!

I sat down with Carla to find out a bit more:
What caused you to want to make workout skirts? This whole concept was born a few years back when I couldn’t find a workout skirt I loved.  I had a few I liked.  I had MANY which had been graciously sent to me by brands for review.  I couldn’t find one with a FIT and a pattern I adored.  I love that you phrased this question, too, as SKIRTS and not workout skirts.  I wear mine to workout in & then shed the sneakers for platform flip-flips and out for a date with my husband.  I love how the open front makes it both flattering and comfortable (for matinees and movement).

What made you want to give back to the Mayan population? Our daughter is adopted from Guatemala.  Since we brought her home we’ve given quietly as a family to a number of Guatemalan charities.  While I did blog my way through my time living in Guatemala, I never specifically discussed her adoption on my current blog because I felt (feel) it’s her story to tell.  This past year I was asked to share my story at BlogHer’s Listen To Your Mother show.  It was a tough decision but eventually my husband and I decided we’d share her story.  Adoptions are now closed in Guatemala and as a result the number of street kids is skyrocketing.  I knew I wouldn’t make much money per skirt (5.00) but I also know how much a few dollars can do in Central America.

How did you come up with the design for the skirts? They are the words which come out of my fingertips and onto my blog each day….plus a girly skull which has become my accidental brand logo.  We love the girly skulls around here as, to us, the symbolize strength and silliness which is who we are.

Do you think you’ll come up with any other apparel?
I am a writer.
I want to write.
The reason I only make 5.00 per skirt is because Im going through an apparel manufacturer rather than shipping etc myself.
That said, they’ve already suggested we create a sports bra together so….

What is your fitness mission? My mission is twofold: to remind people FITNESS, as with life, IS NOT ABOUT FITTING IN.  We may all have the same end-goal (a longer healthier happier existence) but it’s ok and even ENCOURAGED to find our unique path there and to show by example healthy living need not be achieved by hours of daily exercise.  It’s about doing the best we can, doing SOMETHING big or small, consistently & getting back up the next day and trying again.  No more fits and starts.

So, are you going to buy a Mizfit Workout Skirt? I am!

More about Carla Birnberg: AKA MizFIt, is an award winning writer, community builder, personal trainer, and bodybuilding competitor. Carla has gained attention of publications like Women’s Day, Fast Company,  Experience Life, Fitness Magazine,, Glamour,  Fitness, Yahoo!, Yahoo!Shine, and Runners World. Carla was identified by as one of ten individuals who exemplify the ability to create a strong personal brand, named as one of Five Favorite Fitness Blogs by Athleta® brand and voted one of the Top Five Fitness Blogs by Shape Magazine®. She was chosen by Eyeopener TV as the blogger to launch their Blogger of the Week segment, by FitFluential to serve as their first Ambassador Spotlight and named a Transform Your Workout fitness expert by Café Mom alongside BRAVO TV’s Jackie Warner and The Biggest Loser’s Alison Sweeney. She’s a Sears Fit Club brand partner , sits on the Life…Supplemented™ social media advisory board and provides content as a blogger, serves as an Attune Foods brand ambassador,  an Egg Beaters® brand ambassador, and is a member of ConAgra’s Shared Tastes Panel. Most recently she was named Fila brand’s first Spokesmom , asked to serve as an expert fitness consultant for Clinique® online and deemed top ten fitness blogger by the social media evaluation site KRED.








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