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Metromint: A Healthier Flavored Water?

Growing up, it honestly never occurred to me to drink “plain” water. However, there are myriad benefits of sipping water over its less healthy counterparts (read: soda, fruit cocktails, punch, whipped coffee concoctions). But what once was an easy choice–turn on the faucet and fill your glass–has now become a controversial topic. From water filters to bottled waters to purification systems affixed to the sink….how does one choose? It depends on the quality of the tap water, taste preferences, and what your needs are. With a whole grocery store aisle now basically dedicated to marketing water, here’s how I narrow down my selection if I am choosing a bottled water: Metromint.
  1. Taste: When it comes to taste, water varies greatly. Some taste soapy, while others leave a slight mineral or salty taste. Others taste like tap water (and many bottled versions ARE tap water fancily repackaged and sold with a hefty price tag). Metromint is bottled water with the essence of mint, sans ANY sweeteners, artificial or otherwise. If you prefer a strong minty note, you will likely be a fan of Peppermint Metromint. Slightly less potent is Spearmint. The rest of the flavors that round out the troupe are: Lemonmint, Cherrymint, Chocolatemint and Orangemint. Hint…Chocolatemint is an excellent choice to remind you of your favorite chocolate confection, minus the calories, and great for stopping a mid-afternoon craving in its tracks! Peppermint and Spearmint are simultaneously energizing and cooling.
  2. Health Benefits: Steer clear of terms that belong in your science textbook. In other words, many waters use coloring, flavors and preservatives that are anything but natural. If you can’t decipher the terminology on the bottle, cruise on to clearer waters. Sail past the waters with hyped up health claims. Because it is difficult for one water company to distinguish itself from another, companies use clever packaging and fancy words to compete for consumers’ attention.
  3. Hydration: Proper hydration is important, regardless of the season. Winter sports and activities can result in sweat and increase the likelihood of becoming dehydrated. And warm air, such as in a house or cabin in the winter, evaporates moisture from the body, making it crucial to keep hydrated. On average, adults lose approximately 10 cups of water daily.
  4. Weight Loss Benefits: You may think that diet drinks help you lose weight. No such luck. Get this: A study from the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio found that, overall, for each diet drink consumed per day, the prevalence of becoming overweight or obese rose by a whopping 37%! The thought is that artificial sweeteners heighten cravings for sugary items. Just as an embellished “beverage” at your local coffee joint can set you back more calories than a hamburger, flavored waters can have calorie and sugar levels that rival soda. Check the ingredients and look for the term “water” without a list of lots of other ingredients. As a dietitian, I often talk with clients about the difference between emotional and physical hunger, which are often difficult to distinguish, especially with today’s fast paced lifestyle. Many times, what is initially felt to be hunger is actually thirst. So reach for a Metromint first, and THEN have a meal or snack if you are truly hungry. You may be surprised to find how easily and completely the water satisfies you in the interim between meals.
  5. Commitment: Metromint is dedicated to making its impact on the earth a positive one. The company uses renewable energy, from its offices in northern California to its manufacturing plants, the companies it partners with, down to the bottles themselves, which of course, are recyclable (except for the caps, which can be donated to Aveda). Metromint is an extremely generous company, which makes each purchase feel like a good choice from an ethical standpoint, in addition to being delicious!
If you are going to drink bottled flavored water, Metromint fits the bill.
To purchase Metromint, visit Amazon.
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