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Men’s Grooming Guide

Women are not the only ones out there who care about what they look like, right? Men have mirrors too; they just don’t verbalize how much they care about their appearance as much as women do.

As we approach Father’s Day think about the men in your life – whether it is your husband, father, grandfather, brother or uncle – this article is devoted to them.

In this article, we are going to cover men’s skin: what to use, how to use it and how often. I promise I will make this painless and will present this mostly with bullet points.

First Thing’s First

Addressing all men out there: What is your skin type? Are you oily, dry, sensitive and/or normal?

Here’s a quick way to find out:

  • Wash your face with tepid water
  • Wait one hour. Are you feeling dry or slick?
  • Take a lens tissue or blotting tissue and press around aspx ) cleanses the skin without over drying.
  • If the tissue comes back dry, then your skin does not produce that much oil and pores are small; if it comes back oily; your pores are bigger and produce more sebum (oil).
  • If you have medium-sized pores with smooth skin tone, you would be considered normal skin type.
  • You may have combination skin if your face is oily in the T-zone (forehead, nose, and chin) and dry or normal everywhere else.

High-Level Morning Routine

Below is a quick outline of different skin types and the appropriate skin care routine for each skin type:

  • Most Skin Types: Cleanse, shave, tone, after shave, moisturize and add eye cream around your eyes. (If your in a hurry, skip the aftershave)
  • Very oily skin: Cleanse, shave, tone and after shave
  • Heavy beard: Cleanse, pre-shave, shave, tone, after shave, and moisturize with a beard cleanser or beard softener
  • If you have Ingrown Hairs: Cleanse, scrub, pre-shave, shave, tone, spot treat, after shave and moisturize. Smooth 1.2 oz. by MyChelle will help irritation after shave

In Detail

Depending on your skin type, certain products are better for your skin than others. Here is a closer look at some good products for different skin types.

  • Normal to Dry skin:
    • Cleanser: Aubrey-Organics Basic Cleansing Bar ( has a low scent, made with 85% organic ingredients leaves the skin clean and refreshed without over drying. You can have it in the shower with you. There is a kit called Flower Therapy Skin Care Sampler, don’t let the name fool you, for a small price you can try it out and see how you like the line first. It has a cleanser, toner, lotion and cream.
    • Moisturizer: Aubrey-Organics Men’s Stock Daily moisturizer
  • Oily skin:
    • Cleanser:
      • White Cranberry Cleanser by MyChelle ( ) cleanses the skin without over drying.
      • Organic Eucalyptus Sea Foam Facial Cleanser by 100% Pure ( smells invigorating
    • Moisturizer: Miessence Purifying Moisturizer (
    • Blemish Control: Herbal Blemish stick by Burt’s bees ( or try tea tree oil.
  • Sensitive Skin:
    • Cleanser:
      • Unscented Cleansing Cream by CWS (
      • John Master’s Organics (
      • Linden Blossom Face Cream Cleanser is a great cleanser for sensitive skin yet very effective
    • Moisturizer: Vegecol with Aloe Moisturizing Cream by Aubrey-Organics
    • Dilated Capillary Treatment:
      • Capillary Calming Serum by MyChelle
      • A Homemade version: 1 tablespoon of Jojoba oil, 1 teaspoon of macadamia oil, 2 teaspoons of sunflower oil 5 drops each of German chamomile, calendula (CO2 extract), helichrysum and lavender. Mix together and let sit for 24 hours- shake before each use and apply morning and night (For ingredients check out
    • Toner:
      • Fruit Enzyme Mist by MyChelle ( for all skin types
      • 100% Pure Organic Lavender Hydrosol and Peppermint Green Tea Refresher packed with anti-aging ingredients (most skin types, eczema skin usually reacts with peppermint)
      • Homemade Recipe: Apple Cider Vinegar (dilute with water, not recommended for sensitive skin). Apply to a cotton ball and dab on your face.
    • Shave Cream Choices:
      • Avalon Organics Moisturizing Cream Shave (
      • Organic Grooming Shave Cream by Herban Cowboy (
      • Gaia Made for Men Shave Gel (
    • Aftershave:
      • Aubrey-Organics Men’s Stock in North Woods, Spice Island, City Rhythms
      • Smooth by MyChelle will help with irritation after shave and is light on the skin
      • ‘Natural Skincare for Men After Shave’ by Burt’s Bees.
      • Pre-shave product is usually made up of oil (castor oil, olive oil with essential oils) that softens coarse beard hair so that it is easier to cut. You may like ‘So Clean’ by MyChelle which can also double as a cleanser.
    • Sun Protection: Use a 25 SPF or higher block daily. Also wear a hat and sunglasses. Be sure to get checked out by a dermatologist yearly.
    • Eye Creams: Eye creams are formulated (highly concentrated) to be multi-taskers and address fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles, puffiness etc. When applying eye cream, use an amount that is between the size of a grain of rice and the size of a pea. Try Aubrey-Organics Men’s Stock Daily Rejuvenating Eye Cream, John Master’s Organics Firming Eye Gel or 100% Pure Coffee Bean Eye Cream.
    • Most skin types: Cleanse, tone and moisturize
    • Oily skin: Cleanse, tone and oily skin moisturizer
    • Masks: Use once to twice a week, depending on skin type:
      • Clay masks draw out impurities. Try French Green Clay & Green Tea Purifying Mask by John Master’s Organics
      • Oatmeal masks soothe skin
    • Exfoliate: Once a week, exfoliate dead skin. Some say two to three times, but that can irritate your skin.
      • Homemade Recipes: Use baking soda mixed with water or grind up 1/2 cup of oats with 1/2 cup powdered milk and 1 teaspoon of cornmeal (store mixture in airtight container). When using the mixture add enough water to make a paste and massage onto skin, then rinse.
    • Got Nicks? Try the Alum Block or the non-petroleum Jelly by Alba Botanicals.
    • Nose hair: trim em
    • Ear Hair: trim em
    • Neck Hair: shave em
    • Eyebrow Hair: trim em
  • Daily Products for All Skin Types

    Evening Daily Routine

    Occasional Routines

    The following skin care regimens aren’t needed on a daily basis, but they are good occasionally for keeping skin looking its best.

    All in One Systems

    For an all in one system, try ‘Clenzology’ by Garden of Life ( It has a body cleanser that smells terrific, a facial solution (AM&PM) which cleanses the mucus membranes and nasal cavities, a tooth and gum solution, an ear solution to clean the ear canal and reduce build up of excess wax and a sea sponge. I got if for my husband and found myself using it too.

    The Man In the Mirror

    Before leaving the house, always do the ‘NeNe’ check. It is the no hair gets left behind rule:

    Tip: When trimming eyebrows, cut in layers so the hairs won’t stick straight out. If brows are unruly, apply castor oil with a Q-tip to soften them (be careful of the eye area).

    Now that you have done the mirror check you are ready for some cologne. Try an alternative that does not contain Phthalates or parabens like Pacifica. Pacifica a family owned company out of Oregon ( has a wonderful line of lotions, soaps, candles and cologne. Some of my favorites are the ‘Mediterranean Fig’ and ‘Spanish Amber’. I am not a big scent person myself but this smells nice for guys and is very affordable.

    So you’re ready for that big date with that special woman now?? I think she will notice the difference and love it! You are special, and deserve to look and feel great too.

    Reference: Organic Body Care Recipes by Stephanie Tourles

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