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Make a Schedule, Master Your Mind

Make a Schedule, Master Your Mind @ SheerBalance.comWith a seemingly never-ending to-do list, it can be almost impossible to imagine getting it all done in one lifetime. Work, errands, chores, hobbies, friends, family, cooking, working out … how do you fit it all in?

It’s all about having a solid schedule!

While this might not be the sexiest topic, having a basic sense of structure and key priorities for your day will make it easier for you to feel accomplished and a sense of progress.

When you take time to plan, it minimizes unnecessary stress of forgetting something important. And because you’re forced to think through realistic time frames for each activity and block off appropriate times for each, we reduce the likelihood of not doing something because time “got away from you.”

You might be surprised just how much you can get done in 15, 30, 60 minutes. When distractions are minimized and you have a clear schedule in front of you, your productivity will be higher than ever.

How to Create a Mind-Mastering Schedule

  • Pick your Planner. Choose a schedule-tracking method that makes the most sense for you. Digital, hardcover journal, paper organizer … the options are many, but the key is choosing one that will work with you habits and lifestyle. Simply as yourself, “What is the easiest way for me to enter and access my schedule when I need it?”
  • Schedule It All. As Marie Forleo says,” If it’s not scheduled, it’s not real.” Block out time on your calendar for everything in your day – meals, working out, showering, work (in-office or at home), time with family and friends, pre-bed rituals … etc.
  • Give Yourself Space. While it is best to schedule out your day, give yourself some breathing room. Allow a comfortable amount of time for traveling from place to place, as well as some schedule “relaxing” time – if you feel like tackling to-dos at that time, you can, otherwise you can partake in a favorite hobby.
  • Keep Going. Finding the right schedule and rhythm for your day will take time. Try planning your schedule on a weekly basis and seeing what works best and what keep getting rescheduled. Adjust as need, but keep going!

Your life is busy – no question about it – but your mind doesn’t need to act as your datebook. Calendars were made for keeping track of our plans, so find the system that works for you and give you mind a rest.

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Adapted from 52 Small Changes for the Mind by Brett Blumenthal. Used with permission from Chronicle Books and author Brett Blumenthal.

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