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How to Look Younger Today

As we flip through magazines, we see the beautiful women with perfect skin and wonder, “How can I look like that?” You could, if you had an army of soldiers with weapons such as a blow-dryer and Sergeant Stylist on the frontline, special effects agent Airbrush, and Commander Makeup Artist with secret tools of mass concealor. Not to mention your personal chef and trainers, as well. But there is hope for us privates in training on healthy aging.

Here’s my plan for the war on wrinkles:

Strategy 1: Know what you are using. Check the ingredients. Is the product you are using filled with more preservatives than what is beneficial to your skin? Cleansers to start your daily routines should be non-soapy and PH balanced. Cosmetics, pollution and smoke all contribute to the residue that clogs pores, causes acne, and damages skin cells.

Let’s start with some effective cleansers that won’t break your bank account: 100 Percent Pure has really great products and they smell so good you’ll want to eat them and forget washing your face. For instance, try their Organic Lavender Honey Facial Cleansing Foam. 100 Percent Pure products have no abrasive detergents in them or any fillers what so ever Others to try include: Jason’s, Kiss My Face or Aubrey Organics, all of which are affordable. If you have sensitive skin, go for a creamy cleanser like MyChelle’s HoneyDew.

Tip: Cleansing daily with a soft facial brush will prevent blackheads.

Strategy 2: Exfoliate. Without exfoliation, wrinkles look more pronounced. I recommend an exfoliating treatment once a week. A good one to try is Aubrey organics Jojoba Meal & Oatmeal with Rosa Mosqueta – mask and scrub ( The ingredients in these products will eliminate facial impurities. An at home formula that is good to try is Oatmeal mixed with buttermilk (4 tsp of each ingredient). Leave it on for twenty minutes and rinse off. It is gentle enough to be used twice a week.

Tip: For a natural microdermabrasion, try using baking soda mixed with water (a simple, at home product).

Strategy 3: Creams and serums. The following ingredients are proven to have a positive effect on mature and rosaceous skin: Polypeptides, Green tea, licorice root, squalane oil, seaweed, chamomile, vitamin E, rose oil and guarana. Supreme Polypeptide Cream from Mychelle offers the maximum amount of Matrixyl 3000 polypeptide (clinically studied to have incredible wrinkle reduction effects) along with marine polypeptides, shea and mango. This is a great cream packed with an array of powerful antioxidants, which protect against free radical damage and help counteract the aging process .
Other great creams include: Red Elements  Daily moisturizing creme with SPF 15 (, Reviva’s DMAE firming fluid ( and Reviva’s Lift & Firm Serum.

Serums, in particular, are needed in your daily fight against wrinkles. Dr.Perricone speaks about how vital olive oil is for anti-aging. Here’s a serum that delivers a potent dose of olive pulp extract, CoQ10 and alpha lipoic acid, enriched by seven vitamins essential to skin health and beauty: Orjene CoQ10 OliveVitale age recovery serum. (

Revive tired eyes with Fresh eyes by Mychelle. It diminishes dark circles and puffy eyes. Among active ingredients including polypeptides are: Daisy Flower and Arnica Montana for its anti-inflammatory capabilities and its ability to heal and strengthen tissue and capillaries.

Strategy 4: Beauty from Within. Drink green tea! If you can’t handle the taste, try Tulsi Green Tea or The original Tulsi Tea. Tulsi’s benefits include: reduced stress, calmness & clarity, minimized cold & flu symptoms, balanced metabolism and strengthened immunity & stamina (

Nutrient dense greens, such as spinach and kale, as well as berries, such as blueberries, may be beneficial in slowing the signs of aging. Try Probiotic Berry Green by NewChapter Organics so you can get all your fruits and veggies in one scoop. My family uses this right now and we like it. I know there are a lot of products out there that are similar, however this one has no grass fillers. Be sure to get advice from your doctor when adding new supplements to your diet in case of allergies or health concerns. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Anti-aging vitamins, such as: B-complex, Vitamin C ester, Vitamin E 400mg, Alpha lipoic acid 50mg, Calcium 1000mg, Omega-3, Grape seed extract 100mg, Selenium 200mcg, DMAE 75mg and L-carnitine 500mg, just to name a few, will help fight the wrinkle war. Further, a healthy diet, plenty of purified water and exercise will make you feel great!

Tip: Eat less meat, avoid carbonated beverages, and stay clear from cigarette smoke first or second hand.

Strategy 5: An alternative to Botox. It’s an alternative to needles that is safe and effective. The product is Frownies and has been around for a 100 years. For best results Frownies should be worn every day for 30 days to effectively retrain facial muscles. Then continue to use Frownies 3 to 4 times per week for maintenance. ().

Most importantly, remember that good skin starts from within. Whatever you put in your body directly affects how your skin will look on the outside. Healthy aging is the best alternative. And remember to read labels, think like a detective, and dissect ingredients. What you don’t know can hurt you!

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