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Living a Childhood Dream

by Brett Blumenthal

Yesterday, as I watched the Yahoo! video about Courtney Oliver, a 10 year old girl who completed college coursework to receive a certificate to become a registered veterinary technician, I was moved. Genuinely. An animal lover myself, I could identify with her passion to help animals. What really moved me, however, is that a 10 year old had the kind of vision and passion to follow a dream that most people never have in a lifetime. So many of us have dreams as a child and let them fade away, never pursuing the dream we believed in.

Having a very windy career path myself, I’ve always admired those who have been able to figure out what they want to do at an early age, stick with the program and follow through to the end. I feel that my whole life has been dedicated to changing my mind about what I want to do when I grow up. Committing to one job, one career, one passion has been a real challenge. Today, however, I embrace that part of me. I love the fact that I have done such a wide range of things in my life. In a sense, I think it is liberating to have had such diverse experiences, and in some ways I think it has allowed me to remain a child…always looking for the next dream to fulfill.

I congratulate Courtney Oliver for her determination. As a 10 year old who has fulfilled a dream, I would imagine that she has a headstart in fulfilling many more dreams to come. I think we all can learn from someone like Courtney…whoever you are, whatever you do, live your life with passion and purpose…for that is what life is about. Maybe Courtney too will have a windy path and this is just her first stop on the career train.

Have you followed your childhood dream?

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