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Life is Short. Have an Affair.

This morning, as my husband Dave and I were driving to work, we heard a radio commercial for an internet company that promised consumers, none other, than an affair.  No…honestly. is a website that is much like ‘’ or ‘’, except for married people.  The title of this blog: ‘Life is Short. Have an Affair.’, is their trademarked slogan.  Just one of many. Here are a couple of more:”100% Affair Guarantee,” “An Affair to Remember,” and my favorite, “catering to men and women who are currently in relationships but are looking for more.”

WHHHAAATTTT????  Seriously?  What the heck has this world come to?  We are now publicizing affairs as a business; as ‘okay.’  This ‘business’ claims that they have over 2 million members.  I have an extremely hard time believing this statistic, but who knows?  Maybe there really are over 2 million people who actually want to pay for an affair and formalize the search process through an online dating service!

Look, by no means am I judging people who have an affair (or am I?), but it seems to be the lowest possible thing you can do: actively search out an affair.  Affairs happen.  I’m not in support of them.  I think they are wrong.  I think that they are awful to the person who is being cheated on.  I think it is a horrendous show of disrespect to a spouse.  BUT, if one were ever to have an affair, you would HOPE it was an accident.  Something not planned.  Something that just grew out of time and unhappiness; and NOT because you were actively seeking out a relationship with another person while you were married.

If you actually want to sign up for a service that sells and guarantees you ‘an affair,’ don’t you think that you KNOW something is wrong in your relationship?  Don’t you think you should want to make a change with your marriage?  Maybe you might even want to consider a divorce?  G_d.  How absolutely sickening.

Anyone?  Does ANYONE have an opinion on this one?

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