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Levo LeagueLast week I had the honor of being the expert for Levo League’s Office Hours. Levo League is a social good startup designed to elevate young women in the workforce by providing the career resources needed to achieve personal and professional success. Looking back on my career in my 20s, I wish there were more resources and community groups like Levo League, as they provide such wonderful information, interviews and advice to young women.

During the half-hour session of “Office Hours,” I answered questions from listeners. Some of the topics we covered included:

  • The three times we are most likely to naturally change
  • The typical obstacles we face when we want to make change on our own
  • What one change/piece of advice would I suggest a 20 something make
  • What one change would be most helpful to one’s health and how to make that change
  • How do you stay motivated to sustain energy levels and motivation to maintain healthy habits
  • Tips for making new routines and habits stick

Want to find out more, watch the whole session below!

To learn more about Levo League, visit their website:

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